Jeremy tests central locking range - Top Gear - BBC

Jeremy tests central locking range – Top Gear – BBC

Want more Top Gear? Visit the official Top Gear channel: Gear Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here on the Top Gear YouTube channel: wondered how to increase the range of your central locking car key? Jeremy has the rather inexplicable answer.Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Gear YouTube channel: website: http://www.topgear.comTop Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmesThis is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback


  1. it's magic electric pixies jeremy

  2. Can you even wonder why that works? I dare someone to give me an explanation. If it starts with your skull acting as an amplifier I will bitch slap you.  

  3. Visit the "Sixty Symbols" channel and they have an explanation

  4. Sixty Symbols say it's nothing to do with 'brain waves' but the fact that your brains has a high water content. It works better with a big bucket of water.

  5. At first, holding the fob up to my head seemed to make the difference. But now, after trying several more times with mixed results, I think it has to do with the height at which you hold the fob. 

  6. Yeah I agree with the others below. It has to do with the water content in your head. It also works if you are carrying a water bottle

  7. I figured this one out in 1997 when I was living in Phoenix Az.   holding my keys in my mouth as i was putting my wallet away i bit down in the panic button on my car and the alarm went off.   Now I was parked far away and it had never worked from that range before,   So I tested the freak accident and the only thing I can come up with is that the human body is full of energy anyway,   so why not boost the signal from the energy we contain by acting as antenna of sorts….makes you wonder whats possible with the human body and mechanical parts??  if we can boost a signal that means we as individual humans are able to somehow expand the limits of biological technology with probably some cyborgish type of engineering.  All im saying is think about it!!!    and no matter what you come up with,  please refer back to why this video is possible. We are sort of a Human Jacobs ladder.   Fair enough?

  8. Oh and just FYI,  when I did the experiment in 97 I tried it in my teeth again and then held it under my chin,   mouth closed a few times i did not work,  however with my mouth slightly open it did work…maybe it has something to do with needing an exit from the body so i guess holding my mouth open acted like a way for the signal to escape the bone like amplifier our heads are.

  9. We have technology in our head!!!!!! Cool!!

  10. You are all wrong. It's Witchcraft.

  11. It's fake you can see the car jump from right to left when the camera swops sides.
    Why does he need to swop the camera from left when it doesn't work and right when it does.
    Keep your finger on where the car should re appear when the camera moves past him, and watch it move to the side.

  12. I'm wondering if it will work with the garage door opener.  
    Have to try it.  😉

  13. The human body is a antenna for radio in the FM wavelengths.

  14. Maybe it is not his head what is causing this. It might be the right orientation of the keys. The metal key may work like antena. Radio antena emmits most power in directions perpendicular to it's axis. Aiming at the car decreases the range. In addition the waves are polarized so the mutual orientation of transmiter and receiver antena influences the strength of received signal.

  15. Going near an FM Radio works as well

  16. brains have some liquid in them which amplifies the range u can even use water in a bottle

  17. coz you got electricity in your head

  18. You are using your cerebrospinal fluid to amplify the radiation. Quite similar to how a laser works.

  19. The camera is on one side when it doesn't work, and it's on the other side when it does…

  20. But i didnt see any lights either way?

  21. Now THAT's using your head! </dad joke>

  22. That's funny because Richard Hammond tested it on his science show Brainiac.

  23. The range on my Mercedes is incredible. Must test this sometime though..

  24. it's fake. why would the camera move to the other side when the key is on his head

  25. It will give you brain cancer but atleast you can open your car from a distance

  26. This video is over a decade old. Wow.

  27. The range works better with liberals because their head is nothing but an echo chamber!

  28. Lol I use this technique all the time. In Russia we install car alarms that can start the engine remotely. It's very convenient in the winter, cause you can drive right away and your cabin is nice and warm. But when I'm in my office building, the alarm does not work anymore, it's too far. But the head thing works all the time 100%. I taught all my friends to do this 😀

  29. The base of the car's remote is where the loop antenna is located for RF remotes, usually. That's the reason this technique works. Normally, we hold a car's remote as if it were a TV remote, with the base of the remote pointed at the ground. Only a TV remote uses IR light to transmit, which is the little red/black LED you see on the front of the remote. Pointing the tv remote at the ground seriously reduces range, similarly a car's remote is reduced when you point the loop antenna at the ground. Pointing the base directly at the car yields dramatically better results. Your chin is not required and you look silly doing it that way.

  30. It turns your skull into an amplifier!

  31. Spose it could be an April Fool stunt 🙁

  32. 0:22 Yards? Isn’t he British? Don’t they use the metric system? Why is he speaking in an American Customary unit?

  33. It's how much water your body has I saw a video a guy took a plastic bag with water and it work the same

  34. I found this out by myself. When I was 7.

  35. Me: Hmm Let Me Try This ( Grabs Wrong Key ) Shoots Myself with Gun

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