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Stig crashes Koenigsegg CCX  - Top Gear series 8 - BBC

Stig crashes Koenigsegg CCX – Top Gear series 8 – BBC

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Jeremy test drives the Koenigsegg CXX – and Stig takes it round the Top Gear track shocking results.

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  • Lori Owens
    September 5, 2020

    The way he says vertically❤️

  • Tohirjon Muinjonov
    September 8, 2020

    The insurance company must’ve been like YOU DID WHAT!

  • Brage Bondevik
    September 9, 2020

    Damn, 12 years ago😳

  • Adrian
    September 12, 2020

    The word on the street is that if you run this on Diesel the output is close to 1000 horsepower

  • jojo mendoza
    September 14, 2020

    that time when stock 800+hp is mind blowing

  • Akotski1338
    September 14, 2020

    He wouldn’t of crashed if the car had a spoiler

  • Arturo Thomas
    September 14, 2020


  • deezomaxima
    September 17, 2020

    You know this car was a handful if the Stig crashed it.

  • TymonB
    September 18, 2020

    Is it me or Is this Video only in 144p

  • Confused Desi
    September 20, 2020

    2020 Anyone 😸

  • Aditya Rawat
    September 23, 2020


  • Nathan Peart
    September 26, 2020

    If the stig can’t drive it neither can u

  • 01of10
    September 27, 2020

    That is one heck of a widowmaker right there.

  • Alrukitaf
    September 29, 2020

    I’m not sure how biofuels are environmentally friendly. They use up land to produce and also produce carbon dioxide.

  • its me tyler579
    October 5, 2020

    God dammit this video is 1 day older than me

  • Life Is Good
    October 6, 2020

    Jeremy, your yelling again lol

  • Camden
    October 9, 2020

    i dont know cars, but how expensive is it to repair the front of it?

  • Erik N
    October 10, 2020

    He is only human too. I think..

  • Jack Byers
    October 15, 2020

    The rear window is so small cause it's not like you're gonna be looking behind you at 200 miles an hour

  • The Minesweeper
    October 15, 2020

    Stig crashed james

  • Aaron Pereira
    October 18, 2020

    When you buy a new camera: 3:10

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