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EXTREME Motorhome Racing | Top Gear

EXTREME Motorhome Racing | Top Gear

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Richard is at the Essex Raceway to pit his motorhome against a variety of other RV’s, including one driven by James. Who will be victorious, and what will be left of the others?

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  • Ender
    August 11, 2020

    The flagman diving to safety might be the funniest thing I've ever seen.

  • Chad Erickson
    August 12, 2020

    Never, ever a full moment.. even when ? their in studio chatting away about what ever?

  • ThatGamerGuy
    August 18, 2020

    That mattress on the roof of the Toyota is the perfect example of what a bad wing can do to your car

  • Sir Tristan of Camelot
    August 25, 2020

    Real life Wreckfest…

  • Sebby 324
    August 30, 2020

    7:31 the yellow van on the right is an ambulance

    I reckon that crash was worse than we thought

  • Conrad smith
    September 1, 2020

    This is genuinely better than nascar

  • PopZcorndog 47
    September 2, 2020

    All of the campers coming in💪💪……the little Toyota van…👁👄👁

  • racedrummer1
    September 4, 2020

    I just hope the Flag-man wasn't hurt.

  • litam tondy
    September 5, 2020

    "No body contact"

    So that was a lie.

  • Euki Gonzales
    September 7, 2020

    5:22 "but with some aerodynamic tweaks the toyota founds some speed"

  • Euki Gonzales
    September 7, 2020

    6:27 James May attacks with a pan

  • Groudon
    September 8, 2020


  • Mike Ramsey's other channel
    September 8, 2020

    Leave it to the British to invent the most American sport ever created.

  • EwittMoth
    September 9, 2020

    We do this in the US, along with everything that can move

  • Shinka Dewana
    September 10, 2020

    tom chilton looks like seann william scott smh

  • Coucoucestnous
    September 10, 2020

    Et en France de pauvres rétraités ( personnes qui ont taffé toute leur vie pour que vous jeunes ayez tout…) économisent toute leur vie pour s'acheter un camping car pour enfin profiter du temps qu'il leur reste…et d'autres s'amusent à en casser💀💀💀

  • I've never seen something like that, and it was funny! God bless amen.

  • Commodore 64
    September 11, 2020

    Actually this video should be called "How to turn a mobile home into a flatbed!"

  • Ronnie G
    September 12, 2020

    What a destructive load of trash. I'd like to see one of these overpaid brainless individuals do something practical like fitting out a panel van for a camper instead of smashing things up.

  • Akotski1338
    September 12, 2020

    I love the glitching camera at the end

  • natarsha ludorf
    September 14, 2020


  • Carl Birtles
    September 18, 2020

    2:20 so you either race light but tired or you race alert but fat?

  • Illusive Prime
    September 18, 2020

    I bet James would get lost going to the kitchen in his house. 😀

  • stephan burgess
    September 19, 2020

    What a waste of a great Mitsubishi.

  • jamie allen
    September 19, 2020

    Anyone think motor home racing would be a great sport?

  • John Coffee
    September 19, 2020

    I was smiling and laughing all the way through that. Brilliant!

  • Hyper Sniper163
    September 23, 2020

    Anybody here in 2020? Or just me

  • 11up updated
    September 24, 2020

    this was posted before i was 1!?!

  • kogabuu ll
    September 24, 2020

    Whenever they say "with no body contact " it always becomes a demolition derby moments after.

  • Rick JPN
    September 26, 2020

    How my GTA life works while I get back to the save point

  • 666kingdrummer
    September 27, 2020
  • Brian Blankenship
    September 27, 2020

    Reminds me of the LS swapped winnebago cheifton. It would actually stand a chance.

  • RazBaybee
    September 28, 2020

    1:56 isn't that walter and jessie's mobile methlab?

  • ImortalKiller 21
    September 30, 2020

    Honestly that whole race was the best of RV banger racing ever (since no one listened to the no contact) y'all are just wanting me to buy Wreckfest

  • Duke Makedo
    October 4, 2020

    They damned near killed the flagman.

  • Will's Adventures
    October 5, 2020

    The little red Toyota that could

  • Julio Brian
    October 6, 2020

    The Horror…THE HORROR!!!!!

  • Daniele Floris
    October 7, 2020


  • randy roti
    October 8, 2020

    Lolol….they are all ugly but for the Midas. We have these in the USA ….this is the RV we have…

  • rais setengah
    October 12, 2020

    Everyone is RV but only toyota

  • Jacky Chen
    October 15, 2020

    Hammomd and the others:Brutally trashing
    James:Cooking pie
    2:59 He throw a sinker into another van

  • SoulDilah
    October 17, 2020

    Well yeah, that's what we expected

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