USA Muscle Car Road Trip Part 1: Drag Racing in Reno - Top Gear - BBC

USA Muscle Car Road Trip Part 1: Drag Racing in Reno – Top Gear – BBC

Part 1 of 3: Jeremy, Richard and James drive a selection of muscle cars from San Francisco to Utah through the Nevada Mountains. In this first video, the boys review their cars; the Challenger SRT8, Supercharged Corvette and Cadillac, in the most un-entertaining way possible.Watch Part 2 here: for more awesome Top Gear videos: Gear YouTube channel: website: http://www.topgear.comTop Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback


  1. 8:14 What typically happens when two British blokes go on holiday.

  2. Top gear the way it was meant to be

  3. Lmao the Native American in the casino

  4. What's the season? And Episode?

  5. God damn it, they shit on my state…

  6. The moment you realize what brand were their low-end, american cars running out of a hick town

  7. Wait so did they really have to not be entertaining because they did not have the right visas? Or was that just a gag?

  8. If only hammond had a hellcat or demon

  9. jeremy: it is not the power but it is the power

  10. Hammond will be spared

  11. Finally they figured out what side of the car to get in on

  12. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✌✌✌✌✌🔥🔥🔥🔥👍

  13. I swear brits love trashing American cars but their cars are the worst when it comes to reliability. Range Rover, Jag nuff said

  14. Jeremy: lemme put it this way this is like a bodybuilder right? But when u take its trunks down its hello Mr squi-

  15. "Two revving V8'S and the alarms went buzerk"

  16. "Oh my foot slipped off the clutch"

  17. Did anybody notice that they used an acoustic version of Metallica-Orion in 6:03?

  18. It's kinda strange seeing the trio on 80

  19. "where you guys from australia?"

  20. I’m Australian and that bloke who was with James at the casino is EXACTLY how we epitomise all Americans 😂

  21. They were drag-racing on my filming route for my first episode of 4 Guys and a PT Cruiser

  22. I would pay to listen to about 10 minutes of James May complaining

  23. I honestly half expected them to buy muscle cars from the 60s – 70s for this challenge, it would have been killer to see them driving a 69 charger, 68 Corvette, 71 cuda or challenger

  24. The Bruce jokes get me every time lol

  25. "My foot slipped off the clutch" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I've seen cts-v caddillacs from that era and what they don't tell you is that in person even from a distance the paint looks immaculate, it's very glossy and the colors look unaturally deep and rich.

  27. The man with James in the casino was actually the mayor of Reno

  28. fun little easter egg: in the first Top Gear USA Roadtrip (Florida) Jeremy had a Chevrolet (camaro), Richard a dodge pickup truck, and James a Cadillac.
    In the east coast roadtrip, Jeremy had a Chevrolet (Corvette), Richard a Dodge Challenger SRT8, and James a Cadillac

  29. James is a loser and a hater. Cause we can do whatever we want. Hahaha

  30. Why couldn’t they get actual muscle cars? Hammond should have gotten a challenger with a 6-speed manual, someone should have had a mustang and the last car should have been a camaro

  31. Muscle cars are fun.

  32. Jeremy: it isn't about the power….

    Also jeremy: SPeeD and PoweRrrrrrrr!!!

  33. 8:34 jeremy's face before screeching the tires. Just like a little child having the fun of his life.

  34. I love how he casually drove on the wrong side of the road

  35. 9:34 "Are you uh John Lennon uh…?"
    "Might be."
    "Well you're from the best band I ever heard."
    W? T? F?

  36. “My foot slipped off the clutch” lmaoo

  37. The way he says "Kentucky" where I'm from 😂

  38. "where you guys from Australia ? LMAO

  39. Is you don’t like muscle cars you probably haven’t driven a hellcat

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