Historic People Carrier Racing | Top Gear

Historic People Carrier Racing | Top Gear

Richard Hammond proudly introduces his newly invented sport – historic people carrier racing! Watch all the the carnage from the messy race in action in this full high quality video on the BBC Top Gear YouTube channel, and visit http://www.topgear.com for all the latest news and car reviews.This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback https://www.bbcstudios.com/contact/contact-us/


  1. It might be the ugliest vehicle in mankind history, but the Daihatsu Hijet S38/S40 came out already in 1971, so the Espace definitely wasn't first.

  2. Love the engine screaming

  3. My Uncle is a real petrol head but, he loved his Renault Espace. He had the, top of the, range model and if I remember correctly it was fast!

  4. Jeremy Clarksons former dreams of becoming super rich.

  5. I'll bring my 1988 E150 with the 4.9L, EFI, AOD Metric Transmission and third row seating. That van had three fuel pumps to run it. At 80-85 mph I could see the gas gauge move lower, however it had two fuel tanks.

  6. Never seen drifting vans but ok

  7. They forgot one people carrier and driver combo, an 80's or 90's Toyota HiAce or Mazda Marathon with a real South African driver, they left it out because it would've most probably win overloaded with passengers… I wanted to say Quantum, but it did not exist back then.

  8. Just like the Cross Bronx Expressway on a typical Friday night commute!

  9. 0:50 what's the name of The song? Is it chemical brothers? Please help someone 🙏🙏🙏

  10. "and no body contact" body contact happens

    Me: Yay more banger racing

  11. "Posh under crappers"

  12. It looks like a Banger Racing

  13. Wonder why they filmed it so late in the day, looks like the sun was setting.

  14. Clarkson: "and I'll take care of the tobacco sponsorship"

    From now on I am calling hatchbacks "people carriers"

  15. Mk 1 Espace never had V6 PRV engine. Only Mk2 does.

  16. Everyone is chill until the Renault Espace F1 shows up

  17. Jeep Wagoneer, Chrysler Voyager?

  18. love to pick up a space cruiser for a few hundred these days odd another zero

  19. hmmm i think youll find the Stout Scarab was the first people carrier with quiet a few between before the Renno came out.

  20. Thank you for correctly pronouncing " espace "

  21. Any kind of full contact racing shits on F1 lol

  22. 5:27 By the power of the ancients…


  23. If it was about banging only, I bet Serena would outperform them all judging from what I've seen on various UK events

  24. I love that previa best minivan of all time

  25. 5:40 cockroach on the window 😛

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