Behind the Scenes Outtakes | Top Gear

Behind the Scenes Outtakes | Top Gear

We’ve got more brand-new, never-seen-before outtakes from Top Gear right now on this youtube channel and at Packed with all the fluffed lines, accidental injury and general cocking about we couldn’t show on TV – plus some epic directors cut versions of the best films of Series 13.Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Gear YouTube channel: website: http://www.topgear.comTop Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback


  1. 1:18 James felt this too :p

  2. What season is 1:18 from

  3. Having an advert at the start of a video that's only 1 minute 38 seconds really takes the piss.

  4. I like the little song he made during the Middle East special about the cars.

  5. James je skvělý jak hraje na piano. Pouštím si to pořád dokola 🙂 😀

  6. 1:01 when he laughs it sounds like a duck! 🙂

  7. I can feel it when they bump their heads on the in car cam. it is extremely sore when u do . but with that said…..i kill over laughing at them when they bump their heads. its the funniest extract from top gear ever. its the only time one can see the pain lol

  8. 1:01 Some say James May is laughing like a duck. 

  9. 109 invisible wall lol

  10. James May hums the Windows XP shutdown tune

  11. so  james, you have experience  of knitting needles hammered into your head? 

  12. @Adam Morgenstern 
    watch this for a laugh

  13. Richard Hammond's eye language
    0:520:56 = {James, what did you do…?}
    0:57        = {Oh, I see now…}
    YOU SWINE!!!

  14. 1:21 it reminds me of windows xp shutting down tone..

  15. Haha! This video always makes me laugh! Because of this my dad and I play the seat heater game in the car now. (I usually win). And I love Richard's hidden curse when he hits the camera. "Ow…shit… camera." Lol!

  16. Not bad at singing, I really liked it!

  17. My Funny Part is 00:3

  18. Go from 1:20, cracks me up so much

  19. "You swine!" Seems like a big uk insult

  20. I love how it's the outtakes of the behind the scenes of the edited film of the original.

  21. "Tonight,

    I use a computer,

    Richard tries some switches,

    And James sounds like a duck"

  22. 1:01 I love Jame's double voice laugh

  23. Love Jezza's face at the beginning x

  24. James your song is the best

  25. Outtakes?? Why the hell would you cut any of that out??

  26. jc's face at the start.

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