Skoda Yeti | Road Test| Top Gear

Skoda Yeti | Road Test| Top Gear

Jeremy subjects the Skoda Yeti to a remarkable road test involving a tattooist, fire, and a helicopter which just so happened to be circling the Top Gear track.Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Gear YouTube channel: website: http://www.topgear.comTop Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback


  1. Jeremy : Miller what is in the glove box??


  2. I had no idea my Yeti could do that! Shall try


  4. He changed the ice cream and you can see that….that is absurd

  5. Škoda Yeti ou yeah

  6. who in the world …..will do tatoo in side the car?

  7. What if the driver got tattooed while driving the Yeti?

  8. Why are you in my recommendations? After 8 freaking years!

  9. It's so rigged,opposite of the Tesla video,nice switch on the icecream part
    No offense but I really like Jeremy Clarkson,but this is some next level cheating

  10. This is my future car now

  11. You cheaters , you switched the ice cream cone

  12. Skoda always powerful,Ragged and Luxury. 💪👈

  13. Why did he smell it for? 🤣

  14. Looks like a new defender

  15. I got Škoda yeti. Its good car. Its Czech car.

  16. If you'd like to know the pilot of the helicopter, his name is Quentin Smith

  17. The only SUV Jeremy enjoys to drive with a huge smile 😁
    Dear Skoda, don't stop making the Yeti!!!

  18. 7:18 Tara Lovestrong: AND SHE STICKS THE LANDING YAY

  19. Why no one will ever top topgear as presented by you know whom.

  20. It is shame that our Skoda is in Volkswagen hands now. Because Skoda is 20% better and 100% cheaper.

  21. It's actually very important to know I can park my helicopter on top of my Skoda Yeti 😎😂😂🤣🤣👌

  22. Prostě škoda co na to víc říct

  23. I remember i convinced my father to buy one of these for himself, he didn't like it at first but then he fell in love with it.

  24. this car OY59JZJ where ever it maybe has never had an MOT must be in a Museum somewhere

  25. Man I love my Yeti! Not trying to be bias but it is a great car. I am a Skoda man now bought the superb afterwords and it is amazing as well.

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