Stig Crashes Koenigsegg CCX (HQ) | Top Gear | Series 8 | BBC

Stig Crashes Koenigsegg CCX (HQ) | Top Gear | Series 8 | BBC

The Stig takes the Koenigsegg CCX round the Top Gear track shocking results…Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Gear YouTube channel: website: http://www.topgear.comTop Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback


  1. watching old top gear is just a big flashback to PGR 2. driving the gumpert apollo and ccx and fxx around the ring as a kid for hours…

  2. Nessuno:
    Quattordicenni al sabato sera: 0:39

  3. 2:46 is what you are here for

  4. He got in the car, He broke the clutch, they fixed it, He broke the clutch

  5. This brand has a long way to go, to reflect what it is, it is not just to set a record in a lap, you have to demonstrate and race against the best, and that the machine supports the work, if it fails, imagine in 24 hours, porsche is well above that mark light years

  6. 2:56 That's a big one, confirm you OK please.

  7. Does that mean his not coming on then?

  8. Stig Crashes

    Look, its eating the tyre!

  9. imagine the insurance guy:

  10. Back when Top Gear was fun to watch. Now it feels robotic all around.

  11. My grandfather allways said "Be anything you want but if there's is a mistake,dont be sad or shame because anyone make a mistake"

  12. Did anyone else hear the cameraman laugh at jeremys joke?

  13. Why was that small tire wall even there? Doesn't seem do have done anything but damage the car.

  14. How would the stig get car insurance?

  15. I’m going to Asda wat u want mate

  16. mabye koenigseggs arnt the best….

  17. Can’t believe a stig crashing

  18. stig crashed james

  19. kinda sus he crashes liek schumacher

  20. Kto w 2021?
    Who in 2021?

    Plese like!!!

  21. I wonder if this was the reason why they never reviewed another car from this company. They've reviewed lots of paganis and those were never crashed on the track.

  22. That car is fully adjustable. They did not have it set properly. Not everyone has the mind to do a proper setup.

  23. Stig crashed James
    muffled screaming

  24. I like the YT algorithmus

  25. Ah yes
    The Koeneigsseggswgewsgggsegg ccx

  26. The Koenigsegg couldn't handle THE STIG

  27. Tonight we have an exclusive look on the cybert-

    stig crashed james

  28. "Cheaper than chewing gum with nicotine in it, that's for sure."


  29. 3:15 Look at that happiness, it just found a yummy tire.
    Must be sure to feed them before any race.

  30. the car recovered its rear traction "while" stig was counter steering. because of not enough speed to slip farther and high grip?

  31. He’s just lucky it was a tire wall and grass

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