Ferrari 360 Modena: The Quirks

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS http://carsandbids.comQuirks of owning a Ferrari 360 Modena. (Doug DeMuro)Music: Relax and Smile – Hania Hammock Song – Buoy


  1. hey stiff Doug from the past, just loosen up a bit and one day you'll become a great YouTuber 😉

  2. So much misinformation about the 360- My battery never goes flat from just sitting overnight, the car is very drivable i daily drive my car and have put over 5k miles on it in 7months, one of the most reliable cars i've owned – mine is also a 2004 Manual Modena with 47k miles

  3. Do you really think Ferrari would design a car that needs a battery tender connected to it every night? You either have a failing battery or an electrical draw in the system, depleting the battery. Just saying…

  4. Doesn't sound healthy when he shifts into the 3rd gear.

  5. 2019 here….is this the first time he's said "quirks" in a review?

  6. Imagine how that car sounds without that FUCKING ELEVATOR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!?

  7. More than I can afford, pal

  8. im 6'7, do you suppose i would fit in there?

  9. How can someone go from looking like a regular 20 something year old to looking like a 40 something year old in 5 years ? Doug definitely didnot win the gene lottery .
    That being said its definitely made up for in spades in the quality of the future videos .

  10. Based on my limited understanding of batteries… and Ferrari 360s… I suspect that you could carry around a small ratchet and socket,
    and then if you get a dead battery, simply remove the battery cables from the battery, then charge (jump start) the battery by itself, then reconnect it to the car.

  11. And a legend was born.

  12. Stay safe and don’t get sick from Corona

  13. Genesis of Doug DeMuro.

  14. Doug you complain a lot

  15. Doug: buys a Ferrari

    Also Doug: it’s a little low

  16. Back when Doug was 5'7

  17. OMG look how young Doug looked!! He needs to get a buzz cut in 2020

  18. I miss that microphone.

  19. All the way to the front. Awwwwwwwwwwww

  20. When Doug used to wear Jeans and t-shirts

  21. Una de las Ferrari más lindas de la era moderna. Dificil elegir entre esta y la F355! Muy buen video!

  22. My grandfather has the same car but with the paddle shifters

  23. That music brings me back

  24. 20 sec. for the Mobilizer is so fucking uncool because if you want to get away with you Ferrai from disasters ASAP you can’t.

  25. Did he really pass a 35mph sign in third gear at 4000rpm?

  26. 2020, I was here in the beginning!

  27. Remember when Doug wore long pants in his videos?

  28. Watching this at 3.60M subscribers lol

  29. This Ferrari is the most uncool Ferrari ever …looks like it was just experiment

  30. That gearstick shift sounds like when you open a zippo

  31. Should have kept this car

  32. Doug has always looked 45

  33. So what if I run out of gas and the car doesn’t turn on, how can I refill it?

  34. I think the 458 and up is a lot easier to live with

  35. I had a same car (spider) and agree to everything he said but the battery was ok. I jumped quite a few times but there wasn't any problem. And hell yeah everything is forgiven when you drive it!

  36. Does it have cup holders ????

  37. you really have to have the engine running in order to open the gas cap? or can you just turn the key?

  38. Overpriced Italian nuts and bolts-John in Texas

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