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Frisomat Invests in 6000 Solar Energy Panels on the Belgian Factory Roof

Frisomat, the Belgian construction company has provided its southern oriented factory roofs with green energy. 10.000 m² polycrystalline solar panels feed 80% of the factory energy needs to produce pre-engineered steel buildings. A strong example of ecological consciousness.

Companies in the industrial business are infamous for their hunger for power. Frisomat is self-conscious on this matter. As a leader in the production of pre-engineered steel constructions, its production environment is 35.000m². The large roof turns out to be a treasure, its southern orientation is the perfect angle for solar panels.
Frisomat decided to make it’s production even more sustainable and ecological.

The annual energy production is estimated on 1.250.000 Kwh. The same energy which 400 households require in one year. An annual CO² reduction of 372 tonnes, or the equivalent of 16.000 trees in a 53ha forest.
The result: each industrial building will be produced with 80% green energy.

What else does Frisomat do for the environment?
Investing in solar power is the logic next step in the sustainable approach of Frisomat. Other aspects have already been made improved for the environment. Coils are carried by boat. There are no chemicals used during the production process. The light steel construction has a minimal impact on road transport. Only two persons are required to place a Frisomat pre-engineered building. The small amount of waste from the production and construction is collected and recycled. Furthermore the industrial buildings of Frisomat are 98% recyclable.

Who is Frisomat?
Frisomat is a Belgian company specialized in the development, production and construction of pre-engineered steel buildings according to 9 building concepts.
Each building concept is made of prefabricated steel components that fit together like one large building kit. These cold rolled parts are produced out of coils of galvanised high strength steel. Cold profiled steel combines an exceptional strength with an optimal use of materials.

After the start in 1978 with the famous Romney buildings (semi-circular hangar), the company has focused on the development of the cold rolled steel as a basic structure in industrial building. Thanks to the relatively low weight the company exports it’s pre-engineered steel constructions worldwide. Export generates about 80% of the turnover.

Meanwhile, Frisomat has more than 16 affiliates spread over Europe, Brazil, Africa and four production sites (Belgium, Romania, Brazil and Russia). The company has an internal design and development department and employs about 450 people worldwide.

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