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Bugatti at the Sun Valley Road Rally 2014

This year the Sun Valley Road Rally transformed Highway 75 into a “no speed limit” zone to benefit the Blaine County Community Drug Coalition for the sixth time. Drivers hurled themselves down the highway in their McLarens, Porsches, Audis and Bentleys in search of their cars’ top speeds, past cheering spectators, all for a good cause. Among the countless supercars this year also some Bugatti Owners followed the invite for charity and raced the 3.2 mile strip on Idaho’s Highway 75. A great group of Bugatti Veyron, Super Sport, Grand Sport and Vitesse super sports cars owners gathered to show the world what a Bugatti can achieve on a normal road. The day before started a little more relaxed. The 6 Bugatti owners drove through the scenic landscape of the Sawtooth Mountains to a glacier lake, where their cars attracted quite a crowd. Thanks to Mo Satarzadeh for capturing these amazing moments.



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