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France: See Bentley's Mulsanne Speed- the world's most powerful sedan

Video ID: 20141002-015

M/S Bentley Mulsanne Speed

C/U Sign in car front reading “#MulsanneSpeed”

M/S Journalists photographing Bentley Mulsanne Speed

M/S Interior of Bentley Mulsanne Speed

C/U Bentley emblem

C/U Bentley emblem on gear stick

M/S Laptop on back of passenger sit

M/S Photographer looking into rear of Bentley Mulsanne Speed

W/S 2014 Paris Motor Show venue

C/U 2014 World of Automobile event sign


Unveiled online just last month, the new Bentley luxury model Mulsanne Speed made its world debut at the Paris Motor Show, Thursday.

Although the new British brand model has almost no design differences compared to the original Mulsanne model, the updated version bears all the difference behind the wheel. The Muslanne Speed boasts a 6,75-liter V, which boosts the model’s horse power up to 530. This raises the bar above any other sedan model in the world and is enough to hold a global record.

The Bentley Mulsanne Speed will cost €390,000 (approximately $492,000) including tax. The company is expecting to sell around 1,000 units from when it launches next year.

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