Reviewing a 1987 Mercedes G-Wagen

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS http://carsandbids.comI’m reviewing a 1987 Mercedes Gelandewagen (G-Wagen) 240GD cabriolet, with a diesel engine and a manual transmission. (Doug DeMuro)


  1. 2:22 Damn Doug I'd like to see you try.

  2. Who here after he bought one?

  3. Here after Doug bought himself the uber-cabrio

  4. Stop blaming the 80's…To me it looks FINE and Simple..

  5. Reminds Me of the Days when I was in the Canadian Army…Driving in the ILTIS.

  6. Here after four years…
    Thisssssss Issss Fletcher Jones Motorcars, here in Newport beach California!!!!

  7. Does not even has a cassete radio in

  8. “This thing has a built in flip phone” grabs phone and jiggles and the stares into camera. “I could kill you with this”

  9. And little did he know

  10. 2015: Nah
    2016: Maybe… Not
    2017: Still No
    2018: Maybe someday…
    2019: Still no
    2020: HERE YOU GO Reviewing a 1987 Mercedes G-Wagen

  11. OMG a white vintage G Wagen with a Ralph Lauren sweater??? You will totally RULE New England ( Martha’s Vineyard) So awesOME!!!

  12. Doug is a type of guy who fatrs and flush in toilet

  13. Generalissimo Demuro.

  14. Who's Andrew Collins?

  15. For real drivers. You are in the army now.

  16. Well…
    She is beautiful…👍

  17. “30….. kilometers”… thanks man you saved me from 100 miles trip to check out one for sale

  18. But can it jump over a Range Rover

  19. But now he have reviewed almost every that have been produced in the world, even a G65 and G63 6X6 4X4

  20. "I could kill you with this" 😂😂😂

  21. That little black plastic thing is the ash tray.

  22. Anyone else miss old Doug reviews a little bit?… just me?… okay

  23. Ahh back when daddy doug was drug addicted serial killer. Good ol times…… Good ol time.

  24. I wonder if Doug ever reflects on this video…

  25. Guy understand this car its like a dore. Minimum luxury maximum pover on the w

  26. For the record! Saddam Hussein's favorite car back in the 80s or probably the 70s was a Pontiac Bonneville! Or was it a Parisienne? Anyway you can Google that out !!

  27. The 230GE that my Dad has was much more fun… Same engine as the 190E cosworth – 190bhp and a side out exhaust. Though getting upto 90 didn't take long it was never a good idea to go past that. Always loved the panic handle for the passenger though.

  28. That thing is amazing. Going to try to get one and ship it to Rwanda.

  29. anyone notice the plates completely changed at 2:30 and 3:45?

  30. The M on the radio stands for Mittelwelle (Middle Wave) and the U stands for UKW = Ultrakurzwelle (Ultra Short Wave).

  31. 1987 Mercedes G-Wagen: looks like an older Jeep Wrangler
    Jeep Wrangler 2006-2018: Are you my ripoff?

  32. so is no one gunna talk about the fact that the license plate says "ex-prisoner of war"

  33. hey guys how does the car last over time anyone know?

  34. I own a 290GD. Same exact car with a little more diesel power. It’s basically indestructible, and unmatched in off-road performance. You can literally drive anywhere, good tires and the 3 diff locks with 3 different low range gears make it a small sized Unimog

  35. Did you think in 2020 you would be still doing this? congrats and thank you.

  36. Bonjour , je cherche un rétroviseur de droite , auriez vous ça ? Cordialement @+ chrys

  37. Thank fully he got to review the new G-Wagon from Mercedes.

  38. There is no point in watching this video

  39. “Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, but not me.” 💀

  40. I’m gonna put the OM352 on these so they are faster.

  41. hey man. start calling yourself Doug Leno…otherwise 4 of us going to unsubscribe. U UNDERSTAND

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