Meet The Stig's Cousins | Top Gear

Meet The Stig's Cousins | Top Gear

Beware of confusing The Stig with any of his cousins.Subscribe for more awesome Stig videos: Gear YouTube channel: website: http://www.topgear.comTop Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: MORE: Stig & Supercars: StigCam: Stig: Too Hot For TV: the Stig: doing some things…and some other things.This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback


  1. In my opinion, the Stig's teenage cousin should be the Stig's teenage brother.

  2. American Stig and Lorry Driving Stig are both just ‘The American’

  3. Fat Stig is just adorable!

  4. 1 stig 2 stig red stig blue stig

  5. You get a driving licence as soon as you are born in the stig family.

  6. Why Chinese Stig don't have small visor?

  7. The german stig should be called "shtig"

  8. how the american stig drives a actros they have mack and peterbilt

  9. I guess the stigs German cousin does not no how to use a dogleg transmission

  10. The Chinese stig should have been called "The chopStig" 💀

  11. This video 666k views does that mean I will get attacked by the stigs chinese cousin?

  12. the stig's got some diversity with his cousins

  13. 2:21 "I think it may be Stiggy Ray Cyrus" My favorite part 😂

  14. I wish there was a Russian stig

  15. Rig Stig is my favorite.

  16. I like Rig Stig a lot more. 🤣🤣

  17. Their not the stig its the stigs cusion

  18. It would’ve been hilarious if the Chinese stig was yellow

  19. do brits really say man? thats wrong btw its M A N

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