The Luxury of Spontaneity – The new Bentley Continental GT

Spontaneity, reimagined.


  1. How do you make the spoiler come out?

  2. I should get a bentley for being one of the first to comment on this.

  3. 1. That old Vertu smartphone with fingerprints on the screen is ridiculous
    2. Guy looks like a total douchebag 
    3. What's visually new in this Continental? A chrome stripe?

  4. How is it possible that a brand that prides itself for having the highest level of quality on even the smallest details does not film videos in 1080p?

  5. wow such new…

  6. That's cool but I don't like the colors ( both exterior and interior)… Too much sporty

  7. Spontaneity, reimagined with the new Continental GT range.  Watch the film… 

  8. Wow That colour looks insane!

  9. I like The Luxury of spontaneity – The new Bentley Continental GT – Bentley Motors

  10. I really want one of these when I'm older, but they cost a lot

  11. bentley continental gt speed ,for me is the best car in the world , it offers a luxurious atmosphere even 250km/h

  12. that looks like Tuscany – Italy. The car was stolen and sold in pieces in Romania within 5 hours. The luxury of parking a Bentley in the middle of nowhere.

  13. Bentley, thanks for the event with 13 Continental GT in Hamburg. Here is my video about:

  14. an angel car is the maxime luxury of the uk

  15. I want to bye this car, without this car I can't imagine my life.

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