Bentayga – the world's fastest SUV: High Speed test At a high speed testing facility, at an undisclosed location, Bentayga shows why it is the world’s fastest SUV in a high speed test, reaching 301 kp/h.


  1. No, not in Germany! Test was done in Spain near Barcelona/ Tarragona….

    Applus+ IDIADA
    PO Box 20 Santa Olivia
    43710, L'Albornar, Tarragona (Spain)

    Check it out on Google Earth… 😉

  2. Awesome, now soccer moms have the ability to go faster!

  3. Its cool and all but you just wait for the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk to hit the street and it will whip the Bentayga ass.

  4. This will be short lived.

  5. She's look so ugly 👹

  6. 762HP Tesla Model X would rape this piece of shit

  7. Weird name… Doesn't sound like a Bentley at all!!!

  8. weird, I could of sworn the mansory chopster (a full fledged SUV) does 338Kp/h… . . . .. .. . . .

  9. " Ehra-Lessien " VW top-secret maximum security test facility .

  10. 225 ricos se reparten la misma cantidad de dinero y recursos con los que mal subsisten 2500 millones de personas. Hacemos un test de humanidad?
    225 rich the same amount of money and resources that poor people remain 2.5 billion spread. We test for humanity?
    225 богатых же количество денег и ресурсов, что бедные люди остаются 2,5 млрд распространение. Мы тестируем для человечества?

  11. Could have driven a Nissan Pulsar through that track.

  12. Sorry bentley but any amg,m,turbo s suv can do this without limiter.

  13. I think BMW would have something to say of your claim of the worlds fastest SUV. The XM5 and XM6 both do this top speed. Now as far as acceleration is concerned , out of the 3 SUV`s the Bentley is coming 3rd

  14. not going to believe this. get some on board live camera

  15. Super Car thats Drive!

  16. anyone know the music they are playing in this video?

  17. i only hope you do not team up with a fraud and a guy that raps about raping woman a phony called rick ross it will make your company look so bad

  18. they're asking a quarter-million and it doesn't even have a unique platform, it's a Volkswagen Touareg!

  19. who needs fast suv everybody wants a offroading suv go for range rover

  20. There's a faster SUV: a supercharged Toyota Landcruiser

  21. Not anymore, Cherokee Trackhawk is the fastest now 😃

  22. yeah, 20 years to late. Who still wants a engine that runs on fossil fuel? Only fosils.

  23. 那么大个发动机,不快的话买个豆腐撞了算了啦……

  24. who knows the name of music?

  25. Then urus is not fasted suv

  26. False. The Tesla Model X beats de shit out of you.

  27. Oh wow wow! That's a lightning fast for such powerful big car & surprisingly , not as noisy screeching sports car! Elegant& sturdy,it hugs the bend beautifully, too. Better not take a ride on a full stomach , if you are in the passenger seat😁😊🥀🌷

  28. The RSQ8 beats Bentayga in every aspect plus its cheaper. But there is an even faster SUV and it’s the most powerful SUV in the world: Jeep TrackHawk Cherokee wich has 700+ hp. Actual BEAST

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