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Shootout: BMW 7 Series vs. Mercedes S-Class | A luxury motoring battle

We put the BMW 7 Series against the Mercedes S-Class in a luxury motoring battle. A Shootout between two luxury titans. When it comes to drive or be driven, which will win?

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  • Reece Raymond
    October 18, 2018

    Mercedes Benz. The best or nothing.

  • dayar kamal
    October 19, 2018

    بي ام دبليو BMW😎😎😎😎🖤🖤💔💔

  • Matt Cordero
    November 9, 2018

    Worst review i've ever seen… completely misses the point of big luxury cruisers. Im an Audi fan and even i would concede that the S-Class is in a league of it's own.

  • yakha
    November 20, 2018

    S class Cabin design remind me of this check specially air vents (see second pic)

  • Naushir Sajipa
    November 26, 2018

    Bmw look beautiful

  • NJ W
    November 27, 2018

    Also these cars in that about the Driving Experience there about the durability and being comfortable in with the ride and being refined so I think that this was unfair and I think that Mercedes should win and not should is the winner

    December 12, 2018

    Mercedes s class is Ohio state
    Bmw 7 series is Michigan

  • NJ W
    January 24, 2019

    I disagree with mostly of what he saying with the interior in I disagree with a lot of other things that he's saying but if you really want to be correct Mercedes has to bigger screens and Mercedes gives you the gimmicks that's the BMW has but also gives you the real true technology that BMW has tooken from Mercedes

  • NJ W
    February 3, 2019

    Also I feel like if that was the case you should have did V AMG 63 or 65

  • Maiwand Qubbad
    February 3, 2019

    Whack review, the king is and always will be Mercedes

  • haha lol
    February 14, 2019

    I stopped watching when you put the S550 on the track. Who the hell thought that was a good idea?

  • Damien Torres
    February 24, 2019


  • Si photos 3
    March 7, 2019

    I love both of these cars , I have the previous generation Audi A8 2011 , I think one of these will be my next luxury sedan .

  • Bryan
    March 22, 2019

    Mercedes focuses on safety and comfort. They also have more prestige in heritage. BMW tries too hard to beat Mercedes whereas Mercedes cares less what others do. Like the reviewers said these aren’t track cars but more like limo cars to be chauffeured in. In that case the Benz wins no question

  • fob1xxl
    March 27, 2019

    For a "Sports" driving, it's BMW. For "Luxury" Driving it's MERCEDES Hands down.👍

  • firma55874
    April 2, 2019

    People who are beyond rich very rarely have a bmw. And people below are correct you dont buy this car to race around a track or drag race 0-60. Watch Bilderberg video of global elite arriving almost all of them in an S class.

  • Wyatt Martinez
    April 24, 2019

    The Beamer in my opinion is an awful looking car and quite frankly hella overrated Mercedes is the way to go!!

  • 1019ak K
    May 25, 2019

    u guys should have added the a8 L would blown these 2 away

  • Fred Manteghian
    May 28, 2019

    Great video – i'm glad to hear that the 750i is sporty and other than the slightly too light steering, is still a performance BMW. The Nancy's at Car & Driver are too full of themselves. Good to hear from some real people.

    June 12, 2019

    Ennnakke paranjalum andikkannaaa benz ennum benz anu… Adhine polikkan bmw ayittillla

  • dayar kamal
    June 26, 2019


  • Mario Whyte
    June 27, 2019


  • Gary Hunt
    July 6, 2019

    Professional, Fair and Genuine!

  • GnatGoSplat
    July 9, 2019

    I appreciate the driver-oriented review. I love the way big sedans look, so I'd like to buy a used one to drive. I couldn't care less about a back seat that won't get used.

  • David Hall
    July 16, 2019

    I like my BMW 760i because It has a (V 12) Engine. Its the smoothest Engine on the market. We own a Mercedes Benz Car and a SUV too.

  • 李想
    July 16, 2019

    I am not a drag race guy, but parking side by side just to talk through ghe window…..

  • Frances A
    July 18, 2019

    BMW looks decidedly lower bin in quality materials

  • vintagehaynesflute
    July 26, 2019

    Come back in 5 years and compare repair costs. Now THAT would be interesting!

  • steve johnson
    August 1, 2019

    S class all the way BMW looks plain sorry it looks like a Toyota or Lexus

  • Why would you review the track performance of these cars and then completely skip the backseat and trunk area? There was so much skipped in this video I wonder why you even reviewed them.

  • briandub2
    September 13, 2019

    Every 4 door BMW look like the others……Boring. Mercedes is much nicer inside and out.

  • Vladimir Marinov
    October 27, 2019

    I was pretty damn sure it was going to be a cop-out "shootout" with both being "winners". Glad I was wrong. Respect that you didn't go the cop-out route.

  • Nah Wrathoe
    October 30, 2019

    The bmw does have the starlight led roof. Yalls just doesnt have it. Lol

  • Nah Wrathoe
    October 30, 2019

    S class looks old. BMW has a nicer exterior.

  • Mean Vecktor
    November 8, 2019

    They’re both are excellent cars I have both of them 2008 Bmw 760li 2013 Mercedes S65! I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

    February 6, 2020

    At the end of the day, i bet both cars had some kind of light on the dash. Like check engine

  • Sweep The Leg !
    March 6, 2020


  • AhmedxPvPx
    May 1, 2020

    Faster: BMW
    Exterior: Mercedes
    Interior: Mercedes
    Lighter: BMW
    Comfort: Mercedes
    Feels quit inside:Mercedes

    May 4, 2020

    Its 2020.

  • Amanullah Baig
    May 22, 2020

    BMW is drivers car and Benz is passengers car.😉

  • boo blam
    May 27, 2020

    Mercedes Benz has the ability to build the best cars if they really want…said by Ferrari ceo

  • Vince Gomez
    July 24, 2020

    I’ll take the 7. S class looks like something my grandfather would drive. And the S class interior….🙄

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