Cooley On Cars: How to change your car battery

Watch more segments of On Cars: It’s probably the easiest job under the hood, but in case you’ve never done it, Brian Cooley is here to show you how to change your car battery.Watch the full episodes On Cars here: Subscribe to On Cars: to Roadshow: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


  1. You missed several important steps. First you should use a small battery (l have one attached to a cigarette lighter plug) to keep the memory in the radio and computer from being erased. Second you should have a terminal puller tool to get the cables off. Third you should use a battery cable reamer to get the holes in the cables round and make good contact with the new battery. Fourth you should use a cable clamp spreader to open the terminals so that they can seat all the way down on the new posts. I have installed hundreds of batteries over the last 50 years and these steps will save a lot of grief.

  2. Is it okay to replace the battery when the engine is running?

  3. Step one is to connect a keep alive battery to maintain your cars' computer memories. If you dont do this, you could be looking at a car that barely runs or doesn't run at all, and a tow to a dealershiup in some cases to do the reprogramming.

  4. You forgot by a mile the most important thing in modern cars which is you probably guest it

  5. should probably make sure your car isnt sparking before making a how to video….

  6. Very easy to follow. My car didn't blow up and I thank this man

  7. Any battery maintenance tips videos?

  8. Great video can't wait to change my battery tomorrow

  9. People need to know what size wrench you are using

  10. Watch and learn Ladys

  11. Ah…battery replacement and oil change are the two greatest more satisfying job a DIY guy/gal can do.

  12. Of the ten videos I watched, this one by far, was the best!!! HANDS DOWN!!!
    Thanks for the help. Truly!!!

  13. Kept it short & sweet….. thanks!

  14. Instead of the felt and that spray which won’t last, put some dielectric grease on the terminals and clamps.

  15. this car does not have a computer need to update ?????????????????

  16. Awesome, thanks! Hey next up, could you do a video on how to life? Thanks in advance

  17. If you disconnect your battery without using a computer memory savor in most modern cars you will lose all the computer saved pre-sets and you may have a lot of electrical and engine problems. You better do some research on your particular car or you may get a nasty surprise.

  18. I wouldn’t vacuum up battery acid. 🙂

  19. At 1:00 you say not to bridge positive to the chassis with tools, however with the negative terminal removed that shouldn't happen? Isn't that the whole point of disconnect negative first and connect it last so welding can't happen?

  20. This guy is GREAT !!!

  21. Newer cars may have issues when changing the battery due to the fact that they have eay more electronic stuff.

  22. You have 110,000 views if just 5% have battery acid problem that's 5,500 people who could b harmed because you are making a SHORT video….All the DIY instructers do this so people will click their video so they make $…and some schmuck ends up in the ER with battery acid on his hands or face

  23. Don't you need to have a portable battery hookup up so the car doesn't lose memory of radio presets?

  24. Purchase a rubber boot for the positive terminal — safety!!

  25. good video and well-presented

  26. What a nice video to follow

  27. Well.. a first timer here changing my car's battery & of course I took off the positive terminal 1st & then the negative terminal..thank God nothing happened except the horn started sounding a lil bit. I should've watched this video 1st. 😆

  28. I've been told to open the car lights for at least 1 min before testing the battry

  29. I helped my gf using this video and it gave us a lot of confidence!! Brian Cooley is the man

  30. I knew all this already but good video for beginners really liked it well done and detailed

  31. I heard if you leave the wrench across the battery terminals it helps reset all your monitors

  32. Missed a vital step. Before removing the failing battery, use a memory saver. If you don't you'll lose all settings and might have other electrical or performance issues.

  33. Thank you sir, God Bless <3

  34. Also, take off the month and year stickers off of the battery, so you remember when you installed it.

  35. need to update this video

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