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The World's Most Extraordinary Car Photo | Bentley Mulsanne
Come closer and explore the 53 billion pixels that demonstrate the true extent of Bentley’s legendary attention to detail.

Zoom in from the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge down to the Bentley badge of the Bentley Mulsanne Extended embroidered on its car seat as Bentley unveils its first ever Gigapixel image, the world’s most extraordinary car photograph.

Bentley has, as part of its commitment to fine craftsmanship and innovative technology, recently pushed the boundaries of luxury car photography by creating the world’s most extraordinary car photograph. As with the creation of a Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase, the most finely crafted luxury car in the world, the creation of the Gigapixel image was far from straightforward. To get the range of viewpoints necessary, a ten-strong team, led by acclaimed automotive photographer Simon Stock, captured the image as 697 smaller photographs. The image is so large that if it were printed out this interactive panorama of the famous Golden Gate Bridge could cover an entire football pitch.

For more information, immerse yourself in the Bentley philosophy and learn more of the substance behind the core thought that drives everyone involved with Bentley: Be Extraordinary.

To see how this amazing photograph was made watch our ‘Making of’ film:



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