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53 000 megapixel photo !!! Bentley uses NASA technology to take photo on £275k Mulsanne

Bentley has recently released the world’s highest-definition car photo featuring the new Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase in Rose Gold over Magnetic duo-tone version crossing San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

What is essentially an extremely high definition, panoramic photo of the Golden Gate Bridge is so large that one can be zoom in to travel from 700 metres out all the way into the Mulsanne’s cabin. The completely zoomed in image shows a detailed Bentley logo stitched on the seat’s headrest. This extraordinary picture is made up of approximately 53 billion pixels or 53,000 megapixels and is 4,425 times larger than a typical smartphone image. To put things in to perspective about its extraordinary nature, if the picture is reproduced in standard print format, it would be the size of a football field.

Apparently the photo was created by taking 700 individual shots, using a powerful camera, from the same location and stitching them together digitally. The technology used to create this photo was originally developed by NASA to enable Mars Rovers to take exploratory panoramic photographs of the Red Planet.

Link of the photo:



  • Sorin Lavric
    June 23, 2016

    how can I download this picture?

    June 23, 2016


  • Guillermo Mazuela
    September 26, 2016

    false.. is a comercial publicity..

  • colin jackson
    November 11, 2016

    Absolutely amazing. One of the most Extraordinary things I have ever witnessed.

  • U WUT M8?
    June 22, 2017

    and why would NASA lend a billion dollar telescope to take a picture of a 275K deprecating car?

  • W.D. Gary
    October 29, 2017

    Where can I get this camera so I can check out girls at the beach and see their pubic hair from a mile away?

  • Cyber Hugs
    January 3, 2019

    Thats insanely awesome

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