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Jeremy Clarkson: Top Gear problems got 'bigger and bigger' BBC News

Jeremy Clarkson: Top Gear problems got 'bigger and bigger' BBC News

Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson says times were “tricky” in the run-up to the BBC dropping him from the show.

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  • Scott James
    August 7, 2020

    Cut all your hair off you look weird.

  • Matt Hanks
    August 7, 2020

    Something something defund

  • Matthew
    August 7, 2020

    That's s0o0o0o0o0ooo0o true

  • Matthew
    August 7, 2020

    Fuck cornflakes every problem is from them

    August 7, 2020

    .Ohhh Dear Dear… auntie bbc will have to go into a safe space and bust into tears…. This gutter fake broadcaster…. ''Whe truth and integrity go to die'' …ditch the license fee asap..and take this Orwellian, Deep State, Globalist, Illuminati, Propaganda rubbish broadcaster, off the air,and let it sink into the sewer, where it belongs….

  • riff maka
    August 7, 2020

    Car makers send them free cars and they are paid to say they are good and you should buy them. Not one of them is a mechanic. lol

  • Ian Cameron
    August 8, 2020

    Ha ha bbc has got to go

  • Oskars
    August 8, 2020


  • captain pugwash
    August 9, 2020

    I loathe Jeremy Clarkson.

  • Birdman Junior
    August 11, 2020

    The bbc is one of the biggest pagans ever to walk earth. They want you to talk act walk exactly how they want. Basically you are not yourself your there puppet

  • Martijn Beekhuis
    August 12, 2020

    where is the whole bloody interview?

  • Aloisy S.
    August 14, 2020

    great guy, have plenty of pleasant memories

  • Ingleprop Noosegarm
    August 14, 2020

    The BBC is a sinking ship. A slowly drowning Marxist dinosaur.

  • HereTo AnnoyU
    August 14, 2020

    he cant answer the question

  • Taoma H
    August 15, 2020

    Do not cut it at the most exciting part.

  • da br
    August 16, 2020

    Jeremy and the boys were the BBC's cash cow. You blew it BBC, you blew it big time.

  • Geek Therapy Radio
    August 19, 2020

    Not so sure the opinion that American management praising good work holds up anymore in Cancel Culture. The very last thing in the world I would imagine a media executive doing is to go on record in an email that they thought something edgy was funny. The Woke mob would show up at their doors with pitch forks.

    Sorry…."pitch fork" is incentive to hay, musicians, and dining utensils.

  • Beets
    August 22, 2020

    fuck you bbc

  • Levi Clinton
    August 26, 2020

    The libtard media is more hysterical than the Daily Mail.

  • Michael
    August 29, 2020

    And we won't have to pay for BBC bollox soon either.

  • Leaky Gussett
    August 31, 2020

    Third party fire and theft

  • o
    September 3, 2020

    At least amazon enjoyed what these blokes have done

  • fameasser123
    September 4, 2020

    Where can the whole interview be found at? Id like to watch it sometime.

  • Marti
    September 6, 2020

    When he says Stressy, does he mean stressful? Racyist bigot.

  • IndigoWolf
    September 11, 2020

    Fuck you for making top gear become oblivion to the future generations

  • Francis McCorey
    September 18, 2020

    Hell no fire Clarkson and then interview him this is rubish

  • Aus Bare
    September 20, 2020

    That explains why a boss does not say job well done.

  • mcsuibhne005
    September 20, 2020

    The BBC gravy train

  • Jim Hardy
    September 21, 2020

    Grand Tour is basically Top Gear and the BBC killed their golden goose in the name of PC.

  • DashedEuthanasia
    September 22, 2020

    Granted, I've only gotten into TG/GT recently, and obviously this happened years ago but like… all these people saying Clarkson is a terrible person because he punched someone in the face, and like… god, come on. He did something wrong, and the consequences of that was him losing his job, simple as that. I know a lot of you might be shocked to hear this but people don't fit into neat little boxes of either perfect morally pure angels or worthless awful scum. Nobody is the former and most people aren't the latter. Did Clarkson deserve to be fired for punching someone? Yes- assaulting people is not only illegal but is also just a really dick move. But he's already gotten the consequences of his action. Who are we to decide that someone "needs" further punishment (in this case I mean by ragging on and shaming people)? It's possible to believe someone's actions were wrong/cruel/ect and still respect their humanity.

  • Pangit Ka
    September 27, 2020

    I wanna hear the extended version BBC fuck you why did u cut it

  • redacted
    September 29, 2020

    Defund the BBC

  • Josh Reis
    October 8, 2020

    Because the bbc is corrupt as fuck! I like how they cut clarkson off at the end before some home truths are spoken fuck the bbc!!

  • Mutant Manus
    October 9, 2020

    The new top gear hosts are a bunch of NIGHTMARES!!!!

  • John Urquhart
    October 10, 2020

    Great entertainer. Not so sure how it would be to spend any time with him. Everyone's fault but his own. But, as James May said, he's a knob all right, but he still quite likes him.

  • GenericUsername
    October 11, 2020

    the BBC is complete garbage and the only reason ppl ever watched it was for Top Gear and Dr Who which the BBC have decided to fuck themselves over by firing Clarkson and as a result Hammond and May left and replaced them with 3 cringeworthy unfunny hosts and then they decided to turn Dr Who into Dr Woke played by a godawful actress and written by Chris Chinballs who is the male version of Kathleen Kennedy (more interested in pushing an agenda than writing good stories)

  • GoldenEGG 10
    October 13, 2020

    1:04 hes so right…. very skilled men get used and abused and payed very low wages compared to someone sat at a desk in the office..

    !! Its all wrong !!

  • ammo
    October 14, 2020

    YouTube in October 2020: "Boom you looking for this?"

  • reacp911
    October 15, 2020

    blame someone else

  • Robert
    October 17, 2020

    That interviewer does not have soul

  • xu yujie
    October 17, 2020

    Jeremy is an intelligent man despite how stupid he shown himself on screen sometimes. Put the 10 years younger version of himself in the same situation, he wouldn’t had punched that producer. At that point it’s not how much he wanted to keep making the show for BBC, it’s how much BBC is willing to put up with him to keep Top Gear. It’s lose lose for BBC and lose win for JC, clearly Jezza come out at the better end.

  • Kerem Ozurun
    October 18, 2020

    Every time the camera turns to jeremy, i cant help but smiling like a smug person, because of the image on the screen to clarksons right :)))

  • Shao Yu Mai Wang
    October 18, 2020

    State-run TV in Canada is equally bad. No, actually, it is much, much, much worse. There is practically nothing of value on the CBC. At least the BBC has produced some good things over the years.

  • bruce kristich
    October 18, 2020

    it was fun. move on everybody.

  • K C
    October 19, 2020

    Moral of the story is the bbc is cancer and everybody knows it

  • Michael Edwards
    October 19, 2020

    It helps if you don't punch the director

  • Shoeless Joe
    October 19, 2020

    F**k the Daily Mail

  • Hard Meme Gaming inc.
    October 19, 2020

    "And then its red wine on the corn flakes"
    stops eating the cornflakes and red wine

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