Here's Why the Jeep Wrangler Pickup Truck Is Awesome

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS http://carsandbids.comJeep says it will soon make a pickup version of the Wrangler SUV. So I rented a Jeep Wrangler pickup truck to find out if it’s going to be any good.FOLLOW ME: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – DISCLOSURE: Turo gives me a budget to rent vehicles!


  1. That's a pick-up truck? I can put 10 foot, 2×4 boards inside my car, after folding down the rear seats, and the trunk lid would still be shut. This so-called pick-up truck can't do that without having the boards over hanging in the back by 5 feet… and I think, that's against the law.

  2. can i get in instruction how to do it ? I love it in what trims its possible?

  3. This thing is sexier than a Gladiator. It's more bush buggy than pickup.

  4. Thanks for explain what the word “half” means, Doug.

  5. Fucking sent that Porsche

  6. Jajajajaja calidad el jeep lastima el loco q lo conduce jajajajaja

  7. This was what we got before the gladiator I was think the same thing before

  8. Oof who’s watching after the glad

  9. What's the name of the song at 2:08?

  10. Versus the gladiator

  11. If squidward ever made it out of Bikini bottom and became a car reviewer on YouTube he would be Doug 😂

  12. Small 2 door gladiator

  13. Does it start on fire before or after the wheels come off?

  14. When he's in the passenger seat who TF is driving there's no one on the seat

  15. Imagine renting your car to this guy and he on YouTube clowning around in your car

  16. It’s really cool. Maybe even cooler then the one that is out now. But it’s a Jeep so it’ll last 85k and it’s dead.
    Also I enjoy your short video

  17. Hate jeeps but I love this one. Maybe a different color but it's pretty cool

  18. It actually has a T-top…

  19. Who's watching this as the gladiator is out

  20. Doug, your my favorite vehicle guy. You make learning about all these different vehicles a lot of fun. They are also very informative. Thanks for doing what you do best!

  21. god, you are obnoxious.

  22. This the cutest thing in the world

  23. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  24. This things sexier than the gladiator

  25. Throwback Doug. Classic.

  26. My guy the bed is like to feet long I also hate the homedepot joke is so repetitive and the joke isn't even good he uses the joke like in half of his video

  27. that intro is kind of intimidating compared to his normal intros.

  28. Me: mom can we have Jeep gladiator?
    Mom: we have jeep gladiator at home
    Jeep at home:

  29. They're bringing back the Jeep Comanche and it looks kind of strange

  30. this is beautiful. If Jeep never makes a 2-door gladiator I'm calling that company

  31. Quality content. I like the combination of comedy and car review all in one.

  32. Jeep Gladiator: bruh

  33. They have this now, it's called a Gladiator c:

  34. Who is watching this when the gladiator is out just me? Ok…

  35. Lol 😂 just found this gold

  36. RIP the painted freedom panels. You must have scratched the shit out of them

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