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On Cars – BMW 5 Series: Get the small engine, ignore cylinder snobs​ (CNET On Cars, Ep. 108)​

5 Series plus 4 cylinders is beautiful math, and evidence mounts that people are done with driving. Plus, Cooley’s Top 5 electric SUVs.

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  • Stuart oliver
    August 18, 2017

    Get the slightly bigger engine so you get the car you paid for and not a 4 pot taxi sounding car,same mpg and small engine will work harder and again it'll sound like a mondeo

  • Will Patterson
    August 20, 2017


  • Adam N
    August 20, 2017

    I think the new 5 looks great. Harking back to the E39 days, kinda, hah. Back when the 530i was the big engine (well the big straight 6).

  • Troy
    August 25, 2017

    Lovely that BMW keeps futzing with the engines but leaving the numbers the same. How dare they call it a 530i.

  • John Castro
    September 9, 2017

    It's a shame they don't have android auto, otherwise I really would like this car

  • Alex Tran
    September 10, 2017

    Nice. A strained 4cyl in a heavy ass car.. good job BMW 😐

  • Jacob H
    September 10, 2017

    i’d get genesis g80

  • J.P.
    September 11, 2017

    The best 5er is still the E39. But that is thanks to all its predecessors. The E39 is a peak of a car life time evolution. BMW will have another top of the top 5er again but we are not there yet.

  • Bobby P
    September 30, 2017

    Brian cooley is the best, he was one of the first Car reviewers on YouTube.

  • Matthew Tortorelli
    October 4, 2017

    When is the next episode going to go live??

  • Earlando Johnson
    October 12, 2017

    The 2 liter is just as smooth and punchy in the 3-Series and 5-Series as the 3 liter is in the X5 and X6. And the SUVs/SAVs weigh considerably more. Not to mention, I’m a hardcore driver and my 2014 328i and 2017 X5 always get great mpg. Americans gotta lose that v8 or nothing mentality.

  • Earlando Johnson
    October 12, 2017

    Majority of y’all don’t need and won’t use half the stuff that ran its price up. Spec smartly, keep the price low and quit bitchin. Don’t like?! Don’t buy!! 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • undytermined
    October 16, 2017

    where's episode 109?

  • SpaghettiKillah
    November 6, 2017

    Or wait 2 years and pay half for it😁

  • Ethan
    December 4, 2017

    As credible as car and drivers 0-60 test of the latest iPhone.

  • gus zam
    December 13, 2017

    the wireless apple CarPlay works absolutely fine, at least in my 2018 x3 =)

  • Arnis
    December 28, 2017

    Do 530e.

  • Engei
    February 17, 2018

    What happened to ON Cars? It's nearly been a year!

  • SaSpursfan
    March 19, 2018

    As the host has said on another review “if you have no leg room in the back seat of a sedan, you have failed”

  • John Bauss
    March 20, 2018

    As an owner of a 2018 M550i, get the V8. You’ll be very happy.

  • MSL525
    July 1, 2018

    Didn't the last generation (F10) come with a 260 HP 4 cyl engine?

  • MSL525
    July 1, 2018

    Don't all BMW 5 series come standard with back up camera's?

  • Alex Stickney
    July 19, 2018

    I am always curious after hearing a reviewer rave (or not) about a vehicle, what they actually have in their home garage/parking space. So, what do you drive?

  • Lennox Lewis
    July 21, 2018

    Goodfellas bit was hilarious lol

  • Danny T. Thomas
    July 24, 2018

    Make more CNET on Cars episodes!

  • bluwng
    July 30, 2018

    I never use sports mode unless I want to pass someone. Sports mode is gas guzzler mode.

  • Ryan Littleton
    August 1, 2018

    540d for me though.

  • Craig Smith
    August 22, 2018

    “Kudos to bmw for incorporating Apple car play… even though it doesn’t work”

  • Mr P
    February 24, 2019

    “….IGNOR the cylinder snobs” was the best!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • dav tsatur
    March 26, 2019

    Goodfellas reference lmaoo

  • "For those who cannot afford a 7". Shit, I cannot afford a 5 and lucky if I could afford a Dodge Neon.

  • Nico Meier
    March 2, 2020

    You talk a lot about how great the 4 cylinder is, but no direct comparison to the 6 cylinder?

  • Gangstabob716
    March 3, 2020

    Anyone know if hes doing anymore of these Cnet on cars episodes?

  • Nico Meier
    July 22, 2020

    Buy the 4 cylinder? Depends on where you live and where you drive.
    If you live in or near Germany, definitely go for the 6 cylinder.
    More torque and the 6 cylinder is much, much smoother.

  • Lloyd Griffiths
    November 17, 2020

    This man sounds like Chris Hansen

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