Chevrolet Tahoe RST isn't your average special edition

The RST’s optional Performance Package puts a 6.2-liter V8 and a 10-speed automatic in the Tahoe for the first time.Subscribe to Roadshow: Visit us online at Twitter @Roadshow : IG @RoadshowAutos : Facebook:


  1. Just saw a polar bear died on youtube due to earlier melting of arctic ice, this kind of car is the accomplice.

  2. sooooooo its a Denali/Escalade….

    my denali is a 6.2L while the regualr yukon is a 5.7 (*Edit* 5.3L) along with all the tahoes. there was never a 6.2 option for the tahoe so they put a denali/escalade engine in it and call it an RST…..

  3. Next, super charged Cadillac V

  4. Wow, a whole 420hp LOL. Isn't this basically a Tahoe version of the Silverado SS pickup truck from 10 years ago? Seems very similar is design and look.

  5. 69k subs. 68.99k for Cooley. but he rarely graces us with his "ugly is included at no extra cost!"

  6. fuck thats special edition tahoe. its all about that shirt

  7. All new? hahaha fucking dumbasses.


  9. I'll wait for the LNE edition with the big wheel

  10. Fuck the Tahoe where can i get that shirt?

  11. I like the rims and the blackout wrap around rear window. But that is about it. They should have made an all electric version with 500+ hp and 650+ lb ft of tq!

  12. False statement: 10-speed gearbox is NOT GMs, it's Ford's gearbox that GM invested in the development of it.

  13. Don't want a Chevy SS? Buy this instead…

  14. Add bigger rearview mirrors!

  15. lol a escalade with a 10 speed

  16. sold! how much is it?

  17. Spoiler alert: It's like the any other special edition

  18. ohhh!…this is Chevys version of a Dodge Durango R/T?….cool but late to the game.

  19. Who needs a corvette when you have a (Big heavy SUV for the track) Says no one…..

  20. I love it but the sad part is can't afford it

  21. yea probably 90000 dollars you want to impress me make it we're anyone can afford it

  22. yet the Chevy SS is better simply because it's not a fat ass elephant like the Tahoe

  23. Can I still tow a boat with it.

  24. This RST with a Callaway or Hennessy upgrade would be A+

  25. how come no 10 speed for the new zr1

  26. Chevy threw in the 6.2 during the last generation Tahoe as well for a year in 09. I am glad to see them coming out with a more sporty version.

  27. the only different thing I notice about this Tahoe is the 10 speed transmission than the regular 8 speed transmission it's nice and everything but I bet the Yukon, Escalade even regular tahoe are gonna come up with the 10 speed transmission later on (mabe)

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