The NEW 2018 Audi RS3 Sedan (400hp) - Sounds, revs, launch control, in detail

The NEW 2018 Audi RS3 Sedan (400hp) – Sounds, revs, launch control, in detail

Subscribe directly: We got a moment with the brand new 2018 Audi RS3 Sedan, at the Lusail International Circuit. More photos, wallpapers etc on the popular page. More info about the car, click to see more:Car: 2018 @Audi RS3 Sedan (400hp, 2.5 5cyl turbo) Color: Catalunya red Performance: 0-100kmh 3.68sec (tested), 4.1sec(official) Location: Doha, Qatar Facebook: Instagram: Camera: Canon Eos 5D Mark IV / 24-70mm Thanks to: Audi Qatar Music: ”An Epic Inspiring” by SunSoundAj


  1. That plate flying at the end, lol

  2. I would really like to see it against tt rs in drag race

  3. very very veeeery best car !!!….sound power looking quality nice !

  4. How much does this go for?

  5. Is a manual going to be available? Or just DSGay

  6. the sound is amazing!! im selling my golf R today haha lol 😀

  7. This is the stock exhaust?!

  8. Nur die Felgen sehen scheise aus

  9. When will it arrive in Australia?

  10. these flat tires are uncomfortable like hell on our shitty roads here in germany !
    They cause rattling noise all around the car, yes even AUDI rattles.

  11. 1:22 My favourite moment !!

  12. I want one of these, and I almost have enough to buy one – but rich guys will probably buy all of them for $30,000 over invoice before I can even find one.

  13. I want one so Ooo bad

  14. What a beast! love the sound ;))Price for US?

  15. I want one of them ! Saving time

  16. Just one thing.. WHY FWD???

  17. This compact/small sports sedan category is something Audi will be unbeatable in this year. No M2 or CLA45 AMG will be able to keep up with it. Even though the new RS5 and S4 look disappointing the RS3 will be a killer

  18. I like the price, design look and massive power 0 to 100 4.1 sec thanks Audi.

  19. Audi 5 cylinder=BEST engine ever made!!!

  20. Sound reminds me of turbo-charged Pontiac Grand Am I had for a short while…

  21. God damn those wheels are boring and awful

  22. cheeky ceramics 👍

  23. Shame its not a two-door

  24. Currently saving for my down payment for a 2018. With the trade in on my low miles WRX STi, and about 10k, I should be good for low monthly payments.

  25. Why are Audi's RS wheels always ugly af.

  26. I think they have quietened it down compared to the 8V hatch… The noise with the RS Sports Exhaust is borderline ridiculous but sonorous.

  27. I can't wait to receive it 😍❤️ Sedan fucking Hot beast

  28. I refuse to sell my c63 amg but….I am going to test drive the rs3 Tomorow at Audi Dallas…and I don't wsnt to say I'm buying but…..Stephanie…our wedding might go on hold until next year….

  29. Waiting RS4 Avant

  30. this cars sound is good
    I like this cars
    very nice😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😆

  31. use half of a v10, turbo it, get that sound, get that power, in a lightweight package. hoping to be one of the few owners of one of these in newfoundland, canada

  32. Turn off music immediately

  33. Bmw fucked their exhaust tones up. Weaker cars sound better from other brands. Wot d hell boy

  34. in love with the exhaust , f*cking amazing! <3

  35. The number plate goes off in the end…😁😁😁

  36. Those wheels are horrid

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