Top Gear Special | Burma | Deleted Scenes and Outtakes

Top Gear Special | Burma | Deleted Scenes and Outtakes

Behind the scenes and Extras from Top Gear Burma Special.Like this video if you enjoyed this #TopGearOuttakes from #TopGear #BurmaSpecialSUBSCRIBEFollow us on Twitter:


  1. is that a real life pirate

  2. What a beautiful country.
    And as for the people…James, Richard and Jeremy are the only people that can and have successfully pulled off top gear.

  3. 9:45 Rare footage of Richard not being terrified by and insect.

  4. F for the 37 gopro's worth of footage that was lost to the jungle

  5. Phrik…as in Phat phrik khing.
    Sort of what Jeremy is like when he's drunk…

  6. HUGE props to the footage team🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    I'd love to see a 3 hour movie of that kind of thing please 😎👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  7. I'd watch all the other footage of them travelling the world.
    –about 3 larrakins and a crew making a car show and experiencing what the world has to offer as a result.
    Edit: Looked up Typhoid. No thanks.

  8. 12:00 it is amazing to watch how unhampered the guy setting up Hammond's mic is with that prosthetic.

  9. You completly forget this show is about three manchildren (and cars) when you see the drone footage…

  10. I felt like i just turned on the tv in my room at a hotel in burma

  11. Why is your channel not called carcasim

  12. I wish they didn’t cut out the drone footage. Amazing

  13. So all these years they couldn't build a road?

  14. The music under the drone footage has big witcher 3 vibes

  15. That woman in the first clip had a very beautiful face, anyone else agree?

  16. We all love the guys cocking about but wow, that drone footage is something else. Beautiful.

  17. When Jeremy clarkson asks if all your words are rude 😂

  18. that drone footage is awesome!!!

  19. Richard looking kinda ripped in the thumbnail ngl

  20. OMG!! I don't think I've ever seen a outtakes before!!!! This ruined my imagination that they actually produce it on their own!!

  21. Hammond looks like Hugh Jackman here

  22. Jesus christ, every single time the MoHW soundtrack comes on it just roots me to the spot. Amazing soundtrack wasted on mediocre game.

  23. It feels so weird to see them like acting

  24. An Orangutan, World's 10th Ranking Female Racing Driver, and Discount Tony Stark.

  25. We see the Hamster out and about in the co-op and Morrisons, we all think he's a bit of a moody tosser tbh.

  26. Having lived in Burma for a year I can say that it is a wonderful country and the people there are amazing I mean really down to earth people loved my stay there.

  27. Drone footage merchants in the comments

  28. What beautiful scenery and music

  29. It’s a shame you put your shitty watermark over it especially when you don’t even own any of the footage

  30. "That man is from the ministry of… something; and he is in charge of, stuff."

  31. Someone tell my why the drone footage was cut, It's so good.

  32. 2:41 is the the worlds biggest 3D printed temple ?

  33. If i had one last programme to watch it would be a travel special with Hammond, may and Clarkson .
    I've never been a real car person but love watching these 3 together they bring you fun laughter and tears and emotion all at the same time x 😊

  34. @0:08 Have the Brits never seen chillies ever in their life

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