Why tech still can't save kids in hot cars

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  1. This senator is a weak whining beta, never listen to or take advice from a weak whining beta

  2. You can add all the crap to cars but it STILL WON'T SAVE US FROM OURSELVES
    You're still going to have kids dying even w/ said crap
    If a parent(s) wants to kill their kids they'll do it NO MATTER WHAT

  3. Tesla turns on the a/c if it gets too hot

  4. This is a GREAT video! Something car makers should have made standard YEARS AGO and should be STANDARD NOW

  5. How about a law that prevents the poor from having kids?

  6. I like Tesla’s cabin overheat protection

  7. Using a condom is the cheapest prevention solution

  8. It's great that some car companies are looking for ways to help people not forget that they left kids or something in the back car but this is just really sad that it has come down to this. How can you forget your child in a car? People get busy and distracted but still leaving a child in a hot car is something that shouldn't be happening yet does. People need to wake up and realize that it's nothing more than common sense needed to know not to leave your child in a hot car.

  9. Car manufacturers just need to add a $200 thermal camera in front of the rear seats, and problem solved.

  10. ugly kids included ,with no extra cost

  11. why the fuck breed if you forget your own child in the back seats ?

  12. My thinking is this: Don't leave any kid under 6 or 7 in a car intentionally, unless it's for something that takes extremely little time, such as going to the ATM or filling up. When you do, leave the AC on or the windows cracked. Also, when your kid is older than about 8, you can leave them in the car for longer, as long as you, once again, roll down the windows or turn on the AC. Also, when your kid is that age, make sure they can get out of the car if truly needed.

  13. i agree, education is the best option. and maybe mandatory "drive mode" on drive's smartphone.

  14. That pervert Ross Harris pig is rotting in jail👏

  15. Cabin Overheat Protection from Tesla automatically keeps the car below somewhere around 100 degrees, and it has minimal impact on battery range as it's sitting.

  16. how the fuck do parents forget their own human being in the back seat? You dont deserve kids if you cant get them out of the car.

  17. All good ideas, but it requires you to buy a new car and can only do so much.

  18. not this again…if you need something that tells you a child in the back then you shouldn't be driving. l can't believe they are making a device for stupid people…ridiculous.

  19. Yeah, the tech that is needed in the car, is a powerful, automatic Taser or similar device that can deploy and zap the 'forgetful' parents, when they INTENTIONALLY leave their children in a hot vehicle. Seriously though, I still cannot fathom why it has come to this. Parents taking the lives of their children in such a horrible manner.

  20. Like said near the end of the video, it is TRIVIAL to get a real sensor and warning system. A sensor to detect people in the front passenger seat already exist. Just add some to the back, connect it to the panic system, and add a bit of programming, and you'll be able to alert people of a child left in a hot car. Not rocket science at all.

  21. This shouldn't even be an issue; And massive shame to the dumb parents who commit such a crime 🙁

  22. are parents that fucking stupid???

  23. The technology already exists. Its called infrared sensor that detects body heat as well as a movement sensor in any house alarm. if you don't remove your child within a certain time frame an alarm should go off until the child is removed. The alarm sound should be different from a normal car alarm. That means anyone can smash open a window if such an alarm goes off outside a house or shop etc. These could be retrofitted into any existing car. By law if you have children you must get it installed at time of purchase and or registration. Such an alarm would also detect and save animals left in a car.

  24. It seems pretty obvious that the thing to do is let the parents put the kid in the front seat like they used to and automatically shut off the airbag if a child seat is detected.

    But the problem is not just kids left behind. It happens to pets too.

  25. We should not rely on cars to remember our on stuff let alone a CHILD!

  26. Just triple check your car before you get out.

  27. There WILL be a good number of product liability people and black robed alcoholics bereft of ICE WATER…you know where.

  28. How do you forget your CHILD inside the car?

  29. Would it be feasible mechanically (in terms or practicality) or even financially to instal a small infrared sensor above the rear passenger seat to detect a child? I know that a lot of cars have ones with a much wider scope for the purpose of pedestrian detection equipped.

  30. Parents either give a shit about their children or they don't, if you don't know how to prevent your child from dying, a law won't help you.

  31. Uses the seatbelt so if you opened the back door and then put it in the back instead the is not beeping at you when nobody is in backseat.


  33. Peoples today taking too much medications they may confused warning beeps Mean keep going or do not Return to your car

  34. Is it me or are we getting more stupid?

  35. If you need a whole car programmed to tell you that you are leaving your kid(s) in the car you shouldn't be having sex at all

  36. I don't get how anyone can leave their child in a backseat of a car in the heat….

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