Here Are DougScores From 22 Cars I've Already Reviewed

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS http://carsandbids.comEver since I created the DougScore, you’ve been asking to see DougScores from cars I reviewed in the past. So I selected the 22 most important, most exciting, and most interesting cars I reviewed, and I’ve given them a DougScore. Enjoy!DOUGSCORE SPREADSHEETS! Weekend – Daily – DougScore – INFO! ME! Facebook – Twitter – Instagram –


  1. Its difficult to have perfect scores, for example he said that the Ford GT 2017 had 10 with the steering wheel but they had to sacrifice other specs, it all depends on what youre looking for.

  2. Yugo was decimated by a sandwich.

  3. from next year cars with low doug score will not be sold in usa

  4. Lol the ferret tank got an 8 in cool factor😂😂😂 tbh id give it a ten

  5. You should test drive the Tesla Model X P100D! Then edit the dougscore. 👍

  6. Doug is the type of guy who breaks into a car to steal owners manual

  7. What I've always liked about the DougScore is that it doesn't necessarily judge cars based on how much somebody would want them. For example, an Isetta is a truly amazing and brilliant car in its own way, but only really in a subjective sense.

  8. when he said the CGT is predictable
    Paul Walker would like to know your location

    it's a joke take it as one people I know he was on 10 y/o tires

  9. you know that the model x deserves an 11 in the coolness department and the stupid carrera got deserves a 0


  11. I love Doug but Doug is the kind of guy who would be in a room all by himself fart and still say excuse me Doug is classy

  12. The new ford gt goes 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat not under 3

  13. I don't think you're a idiot, actually I like your videos.

  14. Right… theey'll both be worth $5 milliono in 20 years…

    2 years later: I personally think the 05 ford GT will not be increasing in value… It will never be a $700,000 car

  15. Doug seriously needs a graphic designer for those charts

  16. Doug is not a Idot but he is a good man

  17. And I like he 's videos because are funny

  18. wat happened to the single best car ever made,kia spectra?

  19. Among the worsts small cars, the Yugo, Trabant and the Isetta, the Yugo always takes the first place, then the middle placed Trabant and the poorly low, small Isetta.

  20. Even though Doug likes the 996 Porsche 911’s looks, he gave it a 5/10. Clearly other people’s opinions weren’t included. How about the Diablo and Huracan. Why does the Diablo look better than the Huracan? Why does the Plymouth Prowler get such a high score for styling (even higher than the C4S)? Clearly lots of question marks in this DougScore.

  21. My brother was on my account and liked a bunch of car vids

  22. Silver Spur should be higher

  23. 5:21 Daddy Doug "the very last analogue super car"

    GMA T.50: Am I a joke to you?

  24. Guy of Doug type the

  25. g0 to 0.25 speed at ford gt's practicality score

  26. That poor Isetta doesn’t deserve the bad score.

  27. Hiaw do I get my car on the show?

  28. I interpret the Dougscore as:
    10-30: Truly horrendous
    30-39: Bad
    40-49: Mediocre/Unbalanced/Mixed
    50-59: Pretty good
    60-69: Very strong
    70+: Outstanding/best-of-the-best/great all-rounder

  29. Doug would you ever review a 2003 mitsubishi galant?

  30. Would love to see the Bentley Mulsanne get a Doug Score to see how it compares to the Wraith.

  31. I want to see you review the new Chrysler Pacifica AWD Van.

  32. stop bullying the Trabant

  33. the Ferret Tank should get at least 3 in features because it can shoot people…..

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