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Cadillac's base ATS Coupe is still a respectable performer

A punchy 2.0-liter turbo and sharp handling put it right there with the BMW 4-Series and Audi A5.

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  • Anthony Becerra
    September 29, 2017


  • BLacKNesMonsTaz
    September 29, 2017

    Now only if it can hold it's value

  • SS S
    September 29, 2017

    If you want an ATS performance coupe buy the Camaro SS.

  • Super Smelly Bob
    September 29, 2017

    It looks like crap.

  • L. GT
    September 29, 2017

    so fucking ugly. com'on american designers…

  • Husam Jameel
    September 29, 2017

    stop bringing kids into the show and bring back Cooley!

  • Thomas Harrison-Lord
    September 29, 2017

    Nice review, keep it up!

  • Capitan H
    September 29, 2017

    Cnet car reviews were much better when it was done by Cooley…

  • FastLikeUNO
    September 29, 2017

    Aside from the CT6, Cadillac always had trouble with back seating.

  • Mikko Paakkola
    September 29, 2017

    The stupid distracted driving segments earned you a thumbs down again.

  • Septavius
    September 30, 2017

    I click these Roadshow videos, see it's not Cooley presenting them, and I stop watching. Doesn't matter what car it is.

  • Claire Kennedy
    September 30, 2017

    What a beauty, possibly my next car.

  • anotae
    September 30, 2017


  • Gedaman
    September 30, 2017

    This car might be a good buy in a year or two on the used market. I like the sharp styling and features like Bose sound, but that $55,000 price is a bit lofty for a turbocharged four cylinder engine.

  • E O
    October 1, 2017

    If you're going to dump Cooley at least get someone with an engaging personality.

  • James Raynor
    October 1, 2017

    Unsubbed till Cooley returns.

  • Nother Carguy
    October 4, 2017

    The rear is the best looking part of this car. Just wish the interior was better, especially with the analog gauges.

  • Rye Shelton.
    October 4, 2017

    they really screwed up Cadillac big time.

  • TheElusiveGemini
    October 5, 2017

    I hate to be that guy but where is Brian ??????

  • Hello goodbye
    October 7, 2017

    Try driving that in atl

  • Chronos
    October 9, 2017

    I cross shopped this but ended up getting a Buick Regal GS Turbo instead which has similar engine code but fully maxed out in equipment of $41K which is the base price of this ATS.

  • Bryan Chance
    February 14, 2018

    Is that a 2017 model? You're gonna make me watch the whole video to find out? ahh well I'll check out other reviews .. it has the model year in the title ;p

  • dave scott
    April 6, 2018

    i haven't used a volume button in years

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