Do turn signals have to be red?

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  1. i had a 2004 accord Orange turn signals now I have a 2006 accord it has red turn signals why? it annoys me. 2006 accord hybrid has Orange turn signals? its the same car. red is ugly!

  2. I love this even when the questions are simple!

  3. I think it's mostly red in America but else where in the world it's mostly orange, i prefer orange.

  4. Should be amber on all cars. Looks better too, at least when its led.

  5. IMO, it makes the most sense to simply use clear lenses for greatest light transmission and LED bulbs of whatever color you want.
    That combines the best look with the most efficiency and greatest level of customization and ease of change.

  6. I hate red turn signal. Confusing when red signal and brake light is mixed!

  7. But you didn't answer the question.

    Why us car manufacturers started to use red in turning signals

  8. I hate red colored turning signal lights. They're hard to see in certain angles with sunlight.

  9. I have always liked it better with the amber turn signals.
    However, if a car company is going yo use red, keep it independent from the brake and tail lights.

  10. Aside from red or yellow. USA needs ban intergrated stop/turn signal light. Just too damn confusing to tell apart when brakes are pressed intermittently. I really do think it's a hazard.

  11. I also demand to know why German cars sold in North America now all have red rear indicator lights when they didn't used to? They're not red in their homeland.

  12. I saw aftermarket blue turn signals the other day. Wonder how legal that is.

  13. I had gotten rear ended so many times because I always had red turn signals. Once I switch over to a new car, I made sure the car had Amber turn signals. My rear view mirror isn't as eye popping anymore and my neck doesn't hurt anymore. During the day, red turn signals are hard to see, especially when the sun is beating down on them. I feel Amber is the way to go worldwide, but like you said Cooley, manufacturing companies are under an umbrella and they have their hands tied. Great video!

  14. My 1980 Monza and my 1985 Cavalier used amber turn signals. I personally prefer red.

  15. While the rest of the world is on amber.

  16. I vote for "AMBER" turning signal. It distinguishes the brake lights from the turning signal. If I am the market and I have to choose between two equally good choice of cars… I will pick the one with amber turning signal.

  17. I'm all for amber turn signals. They are just easier to spot when driving. I've noticed that the Asian car manufacturers mostly use amber turn signals and the European/American manufacturers have red turn signals. I currently drive a 2017 VW Jetta which has a red turn signal.

  18. Red for a turn signal is simply tooooo stupid…specially when the person is braking at the same time he turns on the signal, it takes more concentration to know he has turned on his signals

  19. TURN SIGNAL COLOR MUST BE AMBER! Only an idiot would allow a brake light to be a taillight, turn signal and brake light. Also, Cooley make more content! More reviews !!

  20. You know why they use red instead of amber? Two less bulbs and too less pair of wires. It's a cost thing. It annoys me even more when companies like Mercedes put the amber bulb in but use the brake lamp as the turn signal instead.

    Also, I don't understand the final reason that Brian stated as to why automakers go with red. Because they don't want to risk it by doing something different? Some cars go from red to amber and vice versa during facelifts. All three American brands have used amber and red. There has never been a scenario where an automaker was sued because he had amber turn signals. Yet tests from the IIHS proved that the risk is greater with red. Wouldn't this go the other way around? Johnny B. Bucks got killed in an American C-Class for using a red turn signal that couldn't be recognized by Jack D. Ass who slammed into him. EVERYONE else is mandating amber. Why did you, Mercedes Benz decide to go red for this one country where Johnny was killed? Makes no sense. It's all about costs. That being said, I think we live in an age where everyone is trying to penny pinch here and there and the reason we see more red nowadays is for this reason.

  21. there have been a few times when, because of the sun or street lights, i have had a harder time seeing the orange color. really the best turn lights are BIG turn lights

  22. Feels like the most cruicial explanation is left out. US standards require a minimum size of 50 cm2 in the US for turnsignal. While the rest of the world use tiny LED-stripes, to get the right lumen required, US still demand a specific size for turn signals. The 50 squrare millimeters can only be achieved by letting the whole lamp flash instead. Trends are of course playing a vital role, like when cars managing the required size in yellow space, still use the red signals, but the core for last years shift for red, has to to with LED-taillights.

  23. If they really needed the rear turn signals to be red, they should at the very least increase the blinking frequency so it is easily detectable to traffic behind.

  24. I always and still prefer orange or yellow turn signal not a fan of red signal they don’t stand out as much as the orange ones

  25. I prefer the amber color. If I only see 1 side, when the other car is in different lane, I dont know if that car is signaling or the driver just constantly braking.

  26. I'd like to think that part of the reason why most turn signals in the rear are red is to decrease the possibility of someone putting in a clear bulb where an amber one would go or vice versa. One thing that most if not all people here have failed to mention is how many auto makers are integrating turn signals into the bumpers of vehicles. Some of them quite low which will only ensure they will get covered in snow and ice should they be operated in areas where snowfall is expected.

  27. As long there is an Amber color in the turn signal, like the Tesla model x (US Spec) where both tail/turn lights are combos, like when you have the brake light on, and when the turn signals are on, the brake light turns Amber.
    (This is kinda hard to explain, but this is the best I could do)

  28. I hate red turn signal on all car's

  29. Orange/Amber is effective and easier to see on road. Plus I feel that im getting more for my money for multiple signals.

  30. Is it legal to have clear white turn signals but when u turn on ur turn signal it turns back to Amber yellow ??

  31. wait…you telling the EU was way ahead of you with a basic stuff like this again?

  32. Seen American cars in Europe which operate with red indicators at the back but here in UK where i’m from, it’s not legal, has to be amber ! Along with side repeaters ..

  33. What about front turn signal colors? White? Red? Amber?

  34. The Effective Projected Luminous Lens Area requirement needs to be TRASHED ASAP!!! This bullshit requirement is one of the main reason red turn signals and combined stop lamp/turn signals are allowed.


  35. USA!!! Please sign UNECE WP.29 1958 regulations!!! Red rear signals are darn annoying! Your cars are not marketable most countries!!! That outdated regulations is a burdensome. As long the rear amber signal is bright enough, it done the job perfectly.

  36. I didnt know they were red in america, it seems easy to confuse indicator with brake light. But I'm sure you are used to it if you live in the US

  37. As a europerson, I think it is senseless novel and kinda hot

  38. No! Orange ones are so much better

  39. There are only Amber turn signals in Europe.

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