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Volkswagen Genuine Parts: Bicycle Carriers | Volkswagen

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like! Remember the Queen song? Take you bicycle with your wherever you go. The Volkswagen Accessories bicycle carriers do the job. Learn more about our bicycle transportation solutions with this film.

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  • Audi Quattro
    December 8, 2017

    volkswagen is so swagen coz they are my favorite all-round cars 😃

  • Audi Quattro
    December 8, 2017

    and they are reliable

  • Kadir Kamis
    December 29, 2017

    Hallo Volkswagen,
    Kann ich auf der Ablage auch Personen transportieren? Meine Schwiegermutter redet mir zu viel wehrend der fahrt

  • Jeff
    May 26, 2018

    How do you turn off the sensor so it doesn’t keep beeping when there is a bike rack on the hitch?

  • Quade Zz
    July 11, 2019

    no bike has comercial on it :))
    go buy BMW

  • david frost
    July 3, 2020

    We're do you purchase this bicycle carries

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