James May — The Golden Laughs of Top Gear | The Grand Tour

James May — The Golden Laughs of Top Gear | The Grand Tour

James May is the best thing since sliced bread. Poor Cassandra’s double noses..Outtakes of James May breaks into his signature laughter. If this doesn’t make you laugh, you don’t know James May. If this does make you laugh, share it with your friends and family!#jamesmay #topgear #thegrandtour #jeremyclarkson #laugh #compilation———————–SUBSCRIBE to BBC channel: YouTube: https://bit.ly/2IXqEIn Facebook: https://bit.ly/2Iv4Y7q Instagram: https://bit.ly/2It6fvB Twitter: https://bit.ly/2GF2zVV


  1. Some say that he was born a duck. And that his natural sense of direction was stolen by the government. All we know is… he’s called James May.

    I love them
    This made my day thanks YouTube

  3. His laugh is the best. Fight me

  4. why does closed captions interpret the quack as an applause?

  5. James has the best laugh on Tv at moment.

  6. The Little laugh at 0:20 it the best thing in the world

  7. 5:02 the most dignified laugh

  8. clarksons laughter is like a car with trouble injecting xD

  9. He laughs like squidward

  10. 2:28 sounds like 2 separate laughs put together 😂

  11. These three have two modes: wanting to kill each other and having a great laugh with each other

  12. May is funny but now we all need to stand up to the tyranny by the elites madmen agenda , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz2IGjIXKfQ

  13. It has has a background sound to it

  14. They should just rename to Bill at this point lol

  15. Best one is when they're in the studio and richard says that's a bad sign

  16. i love british humor!!

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