Bentley and Bang & Olufsen – a memorable journey | Be Extraordinary | Bentley Motors

Discover the inspiration behind the iconic design of the Bang & Olufsen Sound System exclusively crafted for the new Bentley Continental GT. For more info: Bang & Olufsen chief designer for Bentley, Mikkel Venge, explains what it takes to create an extraordinary sound system for the most powerful grand tourer – that turns every trip into a memorable journey.The Bang & Olufsen audio system is crafted to seamlessly integrate into the elegant Bentley Continental GT interior and tuned to the car’s specific acoustic surroundings, to create unique and immersive moments.It is an uncompromising choice for design lovers that appreciate unparalleled sound, offering audio power and precision. The system features a 1,500-watt BeoCore DSP Class-D Amplifier, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and 16 active speakers for strong, authentic sound, and specially manufactured aluminium elements. The Bentley Continental GT is also the first car in the world to feature the Bang & Olufsen BeoSonic, an intuitive “One Touch User Experience” developed by Bang & Olufsen that lets the driver adjust the music to fit their mood.


  1. I love😍 Bentley. Do you ?🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘

  2. Bentley is just amazing🚘🚗

  3. The new continental GT is the best car I have ever seen!

  4. Will bentley launch the 2018 continental gtc on this geneva motor show?

  5. The Naim Audio is out?

  6. This truly is perfection, Bentley have truly taken the creation of cars to a whole new level

  7. This car is truly a work of art… just exquisite.

  8. B&O Baby money does not lie👌

  9. Do someone know the name of the music in this video?

  10. Having both Bang&Olusfen speakers and Breitling time piece in a Bentley is priceless…

  11. Always my no.1 car Bentley mulssanne =Dream car

  12. What a load of Bullshit!

  13. Is the Naim audio system better?

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