The BEST looking 2nd gen AUDI Q7 so far? - 2018 AUDI Q7 (performance wheels, offroad + black optics)

The BEST looking 2nd gen AUDI Q7 so far? – 2018 AUDI Q7 (performance wheels, offroad + black optics)

The Audi Q7 that was totally redesigned for it’s 2nd generation, has created lots of controvertial feelings about it’s design. But can this be the best looking one so far? You be the judge. Enjoy! I also suggest you go to the page, to see unique shots from this photoshoot, where you can also download them in high quality for your wallpapers. More info: (click here) Car: 2018 Audi Q7 3.0TDI quattro (272hp, V6 turbo diesel) Options: S-line, offroad package, black optics Performance: 0-100kmh/62mph: 6.11sec (tesed), 6.3 sec (official), Top Speed: 234km/h Color: Daytona gray metallic Location: Malmö, Sweden Facebook: YouTube: Camera & lens: Canon Eos 5D Mark IV / 24-70 mm Thanks to: Audi MalmöMusic: “Dramatic Emotional Epic Trailer” by MusicStudioRT


  1. How old are you?

  2. Audi Q7 V12 tdi is the best looking Q7 in my mind, the new one is not as good looking

  3. Give it to Abt and they will make it look better👌👍

  4. Absolutely beautiful Q7! Just remove the footstep and is definitely the best looking Q7 so far. But this is a S-line Edition, what are you referring to with the Offroad Package?

  5. Oooommmmmggggggg…..😊….Audiiiii……

  6. Oh shit thats not a car, its a living room

  7. Audi 😍😍😍💜❤💓💟💝💗💖❣💙💚💛

  8. I love my RS3 sedan 💙 Beast

  9. The black smoked Q7, just the best

  10. I wasn't offered those rims!

  11. You should learn out light and shadow.

  12. Как же я люблю ауди!

  13. what is the sku# for those rims?

  14. When it came out I did not really like the design, it was totally different, but now it's my favorite car, it's just the best SUV in my opinion

  15. Oh…I thought this is was a video of the SQ7?

  16. My suggestion is don't buy one buy a Mercedes here's why
    I bought a 2017 Q7 custom ordered it with a supercharged V6
    The front windshield wipers don't work in the cold because the front defroster isn't strong enough to defrost the window
    So the windshield wipers stick as you drive and you have to keep pulling over because you can't see with all the ice that builds up on the window
    So all wheel drive or 0 to 60 in whatever doesn't matter if you can't see
    The lane assist thinks snow ruts in the road are the lines in the road and pulls you into oncoming traffic
    The GPS Works 50% of the time most of time driving you in circles when you really need it
    You can't turn off the air conditioning another design flaw
    The car always asks you to re-authenticate the cell phone you've had since you bought the car so you have to go through the setup process every time you enter to the car
    I bought the rear DVD players from Audi they're called RSEs rear seat entertainment package
    what a joke they advertise that they play DVDs from the onboard Audi DVD player but they don't cost me $3,000 Audi says DVDs are old technology can only live stream from Netflix another $3,000 out the window because of all these lies
    all these car reviews are done when the conditions are perfect so of course they look like great cars but once you buy the Audi I guarantee you you'll regret it
    I have a Mercedes E550 and the windshield wipers work perfectly along with everything else very easy to use different animal than the Audi

  17. Страхотен е

  18. I am in the process of purchasing one sq7 grey preferably.

  19. Is this daytona grey

  20. I have the same one lol check it on my instagram @daytona_q7

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