This V12 Mercedes CL65 AMG Is an Insane $30,000 Used Car

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS http://carsandbids.comThis 2006 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG was over $200,000 when it was new — and now it’s worth around $30,000. Today I’m reviewing the CL65 AMG and I’m showing you the cool quirks and features of the 2006 Mercedes CL65.FOLLOW ME! Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – CHART:


  1. Who is bosch?

    Aah the americans🙈

  2. Watch the Renault Avantime doors – same hinge-magic – some years before the CL 🙂

  3. Ze Germans and Zer cupholderz

  4. I would never buy this car for even 10k let it break and then you'll hate it.

  5. The car looks amazing but if President Chee can’t afford it , we are all in trouble 🤔😱

  6. Everyone, thinks they want a V12, until they drive one and have to stop for gas every single time they take it for a spin.

  7. cup holder repair: $2,399

  8. Take the engine and slap it in a miata. Boom, its more reliable, faster, and it is funnier to embarrass hurracans in a miata

  9. Spends 20 minutes describing the side mirror button, then breezes past the engine compartment in 45 seconds on twin turbo v12 car.

  10. Just found this exact car in my country for around 7500$ the only can were the over used seats and the steering wheel was abused

  11. Until something breaks down!!!

  12. Doug said I thought it was crazy even back then, I am so confused wouldn't it be crazier back then over today like what? that made absolutely no sense

  13. It's the sister of the S class

  14. Doug DeMuro once listed the normal, non-AMG, sedan version of this car #999 on his ranking of the S-Class. The car Doug is reviewing in this video is being described as a pretty good car, which is a surprise.

  15. I can't hear anything either.🤣🤣

  16. 2.5 years later, in the 2nd wave of covid, I'm going to go look at one tomorrow: 2005 CL65 with 63k miles, 4 owners, no accidents for $16.2k asking price.

  17. Reason for overengineered cupholders: In Europe nobody needs or wants a cup holder in a sports car. So it was just an afterthought put into an existing empty space.

  18. This will ALWAYS be a brilliant video.

  19. Let it sink. 240k.
    RIP to the idiots that spent 240k on this car 😂

  20. Who else took off at 6 minutes

  21. 14:44 i find it hilarious how Doug's head appears in the side mirror

  22. That car is timeless

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