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5 Things to Know: 2018 Range Rover LWB

The 2018 Range Rover LWB is Land Rover’s largest offering with a few surprises for off-road. We drove the large SUV for a week and jotted down 5 things you need to know. Read more:

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  • Spillow
    June 20, 2018

    6th thing you need to know is that this SUV will lose 50% of its value in 3 years and that is when you should buy it.

  • I_will_get_you There
    June 20, 2018

    and save your monies to fix that piece of crap when its breaks after a year.

  • Matt Owen
    June 20, 2018

    Nice looking Indian car

  • NileshR12
    June 20, 2018

    I love this Range Rover & pretty much all of them especially the Velar, Sport, & full-size variants

  • Edward Willey III
    June 20, 2018

    A full RR is one of the best off road vehicles available alongside the Land Cruiser. Neither is going to be as capable as a off road optimized Jeep because it won't have the articulation and I'm sure that the extra length makes it a less desirable choice than the standard version in terms of things like departure angle in real world situations. But give credit where it is due.

  • P Jay
    June 20, 2018

    Range Rover is one of the most respected luxury SUV,but reliability is really a big issue for them.

  • cristián cremaschi
    June 20, 2018

    I had the old Range Rover and it never failed and now I’m buying the new one

  • soiceyboy33
    June 20, 2018

    No 3rd row??

  • roguedogx
    June 21, 2018

    Before watching – is it sad that I saw the letters lwb and couldn't help but think "liberty walk bodykit"?

  • Miguel Ircontar
    June 21, 2018


  • Craig Merkey
    June 21, 2018


  • Tyus Robinson
    June 21, 2018

    "Getting my British on" lmao

  • Russell C
    June 21, 2018

    I've bought houses here in WA State for less money.

  • JKN Productions
    June 21, 2018

    I would go with a 3 year Chevy suburban

  • evtrekker13
    June 21, 2018

    "English Elephant" 😆 For that price you could probably buy two real elephants. 🐘🐘

  • Pavanjit
    June 22, 2018

    Not a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in terms of offroad capability?????? This thing is the king of offroad SUVs with its only competitor being the G wagon and Lexus Lx, this commentator is mad stupid

  • GoldenBoy
    June 24, 2018

    The rear wheels on this new model always look sunken or like it has a flat tire.Older design was better

  • willie s johnson
    July 25, 2018

    Why does this person speak to her audience as if they're stupid?

  • goonthreegtr
    November 10, 2018

    Have my Range Rover lwb for 3+ years, zero issues so far. I did hear a lot of reliability issues, but don't have any. I love the power and huge back seat

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