Forza 7 (2018) TopGear Car Pack vs OLD Forza Top Gear Packs ?? | SLAPTrain

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  1. To some forza7 drifting in online

  2. Finally some Forza

  3. Forza 3 had a top gear car pack!

  4. Hey slap this is birddog2110, another update just came on torque burnout it has a few new cars and one new vehicle in the survey check it out.
    Birddog2110 out

  5. It says july 10 2018 for forza 7 dlc

  6. Take a drink every time he says "you know" out of context before he's said what we're supposed to know

  7. Slaptrain tourqe burnout has a update

  8. If all u do is drift or drag ya gonna be disappointed.. Me personally im not driving any of these

  9. This pack is adecwnt pack. I just font feel that i am gonna hop on and play it. I was glad when they added the colllorado zr2 and the power wagon but those are the only ones that caught my attention.

  10. Dude I love the horizon drifting game that you made I'm like in the top 10 on drift horizon on a

  11. Where is the wreckfest 😢

  12. You are the best i lov you r’ videos amazing man keep it up

  13. I think Fm5's pack are vehicles that shouldve been in the base game. I mean an IS350 sport as DLC? what stupidness.

  14. slap! REXY comeback on fh4 ahaha

  15. Horza h and in it the bmw m3 gtr

  16. Top gear pack doesn’t come out till July 10

  17. Lmao anyone else notice he got half of the car, years wrong 👌 nice one car genius

  18. So no IS300 or gs300 in fm7 ?

  19. Slap, u need to come back to forza 4 for some drifting. U should do a Livestream, where u just chill in some online lobbies with friends or some subs

  20. top gear and they added a race car…

  21. BBC – Bring Back Clarkson.

  22. forza motorsport 4 those were the day.

  23. Why no wheel cam on videos lately ? Have I missed something or you now using the controller ?

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