CRAZY! 2020 AUDI E-TRON - MOST HI-TECH INTERIOR EVER? - A first look at the prod ready electric car.

CRAZY! 2020 AUDI E-TRON – MOST HI-TECH INTERIOR EVER? – A first look at the prod ready electric car.

We take a first look at Audis first all electric car. This is a production ready version, and I was one of the few people invited to take a look at the interior of the car, that is fully ready. The production version will be fully revealed later this year. Check also out the page, where you can also download them in high quality for your wallpapers. More info: (click here) Car: 2019/20 Audi E-Tron quattro Location: Copenhagen, Denmark YouTube: Facebook: Thanks to: Audi GermanyMusic by: “Drama ambient” by Drummatis


  1. Will you accept bitcoins?

  2. Mercedes-Benz is on notice!!

  3. Bad idea camera for a mirror. It can break anytime.

  4. Pointless, the cameras are almost as vig as the mirrors, in the worst locations, and will not be as quick and easy to change like mirrors are today (usually remove panel, remove three nuts, disconnect cable, replace). It'll be intigrated into the door, you will need to replace the door to fix. The camera, not display unit, which is also in the door!? lol.

    Fan boys, and bad drivers, and non-driver will give this a like!

    The future is ….. Well, no one is paying me on here to give the solution. But it is 100% better than this idea and realistically something that can be done. Or we can just put two glass mirrors on the car and call it a day.

  5. Hallo, was für ein Auto – Timelapse

  6. А в это время, вАз возобновляет производство жигулей 6-ка…

  7. I love the inside mirror concept but i hate their placement. Put them in the side pillars instead of the door.

  8. Inside mirrors, only a Pen tick away from legality, next few years👀

  9. Looks Ugly. Why they cant make a normal electric car like Tesla.

  10. I am not a fan of the mirrors changing for LED Displays. I don't consider this an enhancement. I also don't consider touchscreen superior to knobs as you can't control things without taking your eyes of the road, which drivers already spend too much time doing. I am all for technology, I am a gadget freak, but technology needs to make things better. Also those wheels are awful. give me back the RS 19" wheels thanks.

  11. Uhmmm isn't this an Urus with an Audi badge?

  12. Looks nice. Each little gimmick will probably cost a fortune though, half of what is shown will not be available and the rest will be on the market in 5 years. When you buy an Audi today not even the floor mats or a navigation system are included. Hope they change this with evs.

  13. 2020.. ich weiß nichtmal was ich das We mache xD

  14. Busy, busy, busy. I guess it's all about the rear camera?

  15. And the big, fat grill for the big, fat engine?

  16. Innovative as always, i love it.. ❤ the inside mirrors ❤ i have never seen on any other car, all car makers will lose their minds

  17. This is really horrible from safety and User Perspective!!! With Your head and eyes You can move to See more in the mirror except for this digital Thing, this is fixed . Also from outside it doesnt Look nice , it Looks Like there is Missing Something …. I have so many simple and great ideas how to improve an Audi or the whole Car industry, unfortunatly i am No Person at the right Position to decide such things

  18. Jo, me encanta ver como queda al final, el parabrisas y la luneta las programe yo. Que ILUSIÓN

  19. Sounds like a new Elder's Croll's theme

  20. MOST HI-TECH INTERIOR EVER = most problems after some years EVER? I drive my VW T1. No problems and pure driving

  21. ok nice side mirrors , what else?

  22. I love our Audi and think they are among the best interiors in the business. But this system is an AWFUL DESIGN which only seems better because of the "cool factor".
    Let me explain why:
    – Limited scope of vision – the screen is far too small, but this is hard to tell from a video where they've zoomed in a good bit. Use one in real life however and you'll quickly realize this.
    – People are used to moving their head/body with optical mirrors. This allows you to change the view angle or field of view slightly. This won't happen with a camera and must be accounted for somehow.
    – Screens will be easily blocked by people, kids, and other items because they are lower than conventional designs.
    – Why on EARTH did they put the camera on wings in the actual same location as conventional mirrors!?! If you're going to use cameras, there are dozens of better design choices that don't still have something sticking outside the car where it still creates drag and is still prone to being struck either by objects while parking/maneuvering or by passers by.

    There's more – but video rear view has been around in concept and prototype designs for a VERY long time. There's a reason why they aren't more common. The hardware is dirt cheap – every car today has a backup camera, no matter what the price. This is not much more complex. So it's not cost that is holding it back. It's the inherent issues and limitations of a system like this.

  23. these mirrors are amazing, however seeing what replacement of a normal Audi mirror costs, i can only imagine replacing these is equivalent to buying a new macbook pro or similar.

  24. Жаль не додумались их автоматически скрывать. У нас же народ другой((

  25. отличное решение!Но явно не для стран в которых на парковках воруют шильдики и заглушки с бамперов и дворников:D

  26. Is it me or the placement of the inside "mirrors" is terrible?

    Esp the left one… you have to look "down" to see the LED mirror and it's no longer on the eye sight level. I don't think the US will approve this design.

    Regardless… a beautiful SUV and strong competitor for Model X.

  27. Beautiful cars beautiful technology perfect for audi

  28. Полный провал. Еще вместо лобового стекла монитор поставьте.

  29. Cool mirrors…that is until some idiot driver knocks one off and you have a heart attack when you see the cost for a replacement..

  30. This is it people, we're officially in the future…..

  31. But do we rally need sideview cameras when we can have normal rearview cameras?

  32. Why was this on my recommended, good thing that it was

  33. Oh my God.
    What's car.

  34. I have a proposal. Shoot at 4K.
    Every detail will be seen.
    All the best….

  35. I hope this version of Audi comes with ,diesels, gasolines, and electric motor, electric plugin, hybrid,.


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