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Cooley answers your email about the the U.S. and manual transmissions. People in other countries often know how to drive a stick, whereas many Americans not only lack that skill but may not even know anyone who possesses it. It has become a lost art and, therefore, a cultural oddity. Read more: http://roadshow.co/mNsbaI► Subscribe & hit the 🔔 for more Roadshow videosC18STACKVisit us online at http://www.TheRoadshow.com Twitter @Roadshow : https://www.twitter.com/Roadshow IG @RoadshowAutos : https://www.instagram.com/RoadshowAutos Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoadshowAutos/► Don’t miss our next video! Hit the 🔔


  1. The reason why Americans don't want manual transmissions in their cars is because the great majority of Americans behind the wheel don't know how to drive to start with.

  2. One reason why there is low manual transmission car sales is that people who drive them don't get bored of driving them so they keep their car with them for longer. People who drive Automatics get bored with their cars very quickly so they buy the next new one which as a result drives up sales. Second reason is that automatic transmissions are not as reliable as manual transmission's so when transmission problems occur, they go and buy the next newer automatic car. Manual transmission's can last much longer than an automatic.

  3. Why the hell does anyone buy manual cars anymore? I can understand 30 years ago when autos were very inefficient, but manuals are such hunk of junks. Compared to automatics today are less fuel efficient, a pain in the ass if you live in a hilly area and have to deal with hill starts, traffic, and really less reliable. I can't count how many of my friends who drive manuals have had to make flywheel or clutch replacements which cost up to $1000 or more. Compare that to an automatic fluid flush which might cost $100 max

  4. Muricans don't hate manual transmission it just happen to be evolution, simply there is too much traffic and there are no real areas to do performance driving. Besides the fact that self driving cars are now being heavily marketed and we can see that the Murican Government enforces it, a manual transmission just don't make any sense. Manual transmission are for those who finds pleasure in driving, I don't care how luxurious car you drive but with traffic you will start to hate driving.

  5. If you need to drive to work ( point A to point B) an automatic makes sense ( specially in traffic) , if you drive for pleasure and there is no traffic then a manual enhances the experience.. Think of it this way, if you are to build a fence would you use a power nail gun ( automatic) or a hammer ( manual ) ,,, your choice 😀

  6. If you find driving as a chore get an auto, if you think of driving as an art then get a manual, Muricans are busy working already the last thing they need is another chore…………..

  7. It's so sad to see there are so many who doesn't know how to drive a manual transmission car, think that it's so fun to drive a car with only 2 pedals.

  8. On the Toyota Corolla, the manual transmission is only offered on the SE trim. CVT is standard

  9. My car is a manual and at work the tractor is a manual mostly. I hate auto trucks soon to be everywhere

  10. Manual transmission cars are the #1 seller globally.

  11. It takes 1hr to drive 10 miles in LA. Do you think most people really want to shift a car a million times just to sit in traffic? Nope

  12. I specifically purchased a manual transmission car 20 years ago because it gave me something to do while I was driving. And while it IS a royal pain in stop-and-go traffic. Even so, I'm still driving my 1997 Saturn SW-2 (326,000+ miles and still counting).

    Unfortunately, none of my future cars will be manual. My other car is a Toyota Prius and it has a Continuously Variable Transmission, which is very nice. I'm looking to replace my Saturn with a battery electric vehicle which only has a single gear. Ah, well.

  13. I note that you haven't brought the DGS into play. Well my VW Golf DGS is shit by the way

  14. Can someone please mention the name of the theme music that plays at the beginning of all recent "On Cars – Your Email" videos? I find it just awesome! 🙂

  15. Manuals are about 98% in the UK. . . Automatics are for the disabled and American tourists only!

  16. Same deal in Australia. Most cars are auto. Manual is the enthusiasts’ choice.

  17. The newer generation are getting lazier and lazier

  18. Stick is good for when you floor it. However, living in this god forsaken traffic it makes not sense to drive stick. It's like driving a Lambo in a place that takes an hour to drive 18 miles. Makes no sense at all. Besides, automatic transmissions are computerized for the most part and make them very efficient.

  19. I like my 1985 Ford Ranger with 84,000 miles with a 5 speed manual anti-theft device.

  20. Peoples have no time and energy left to deal with manual transmission😂😂😂

  21. My last manual transmission was in a Nisson 280Z. I put well over 200,000 miles on that car. Sure was fun to drive too.

  22. And CLIMATE CHANGE fighint vars can't have a STICK, or, like many used to, at least torque converter with Stick (a la the Porsche Sportomatic or VW Automatic Stickshift)

  23. Manual is the best, Americans are just lazy

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