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1993 Toyota Century – Jay Leno's Garage

Get to the Yakuza meeting with elegance in this rare example of a Toyota Century! Chris Marion from Original Rare introduces Jay to all the quirks and luxury features and watch out for that trunk latch!
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A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno’s Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.

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1993 Toyota Century – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage



  • Jay Kay
    May 21, 2020

    Jay is so awkward in this video, doing all those embarrassing Japanese gestures. Cringeeeee

  • 中村毅
    May 24, 2020

    Toyota Century freed from Japanese feudal society♪( ´θ`)ノ

  • jozla2280
    May 30, 2020

    i wishd id had car like that

  • Jay Cee Max
    June 21, 2020

    I saw the Doug Demuro review but this one is just as great and informative. I have a 1992 Century V8, not the 1993 which has the airbag on the steering wheel. I just imported it and vlogged on finally receiving it. It is sleek just as you guys mentioned. Prestigious look indeed.

  • hypeGoat 55
    June 25, 2020

    8:20 “someone hit their head while working or something…” sure sure sure

  • Ava Rainie
    July 22, 2020

    not even the v12

  • Nigel Terrelonge
    August 7, 2020

    I just wanted to mention I love your videos very informative but I need to correct your boat them to you on that vehicle is wool fine wool.

  • Daniel Lawson
    August 27, 2020

    That's definitely an awesome car. I'd love to drive it

  • Langam
    August 27, 2020


    That was a really neat camera scene

  • 95blahblahhaha
    August 31, 2020

    I enjoy this guest, he knew very much about the car but at the same time not cocky and aloud Jay to get his words in too. Not all guest are like that

  • Art Coin
    August 31, 2020

    The emperor of Japan special vehicle! The car with the lowest failure rate in the world! Classic, Asian Rolls Royce

  • Jenkem
    September 2, 2020

    Jay- “Let’s have a whole sake party back here”

  • Zaf
    September 19, 2020

    Looks life a Merc.

  • Domingo De Anda
    September 23, 2020

    That was pretty damn good, loved it.

  • lukespack
    September 24, 2020

    The car would be speaking Japanese. Lovely car.

  • Nxxb Nxjdhd
    September 30, 2020

    Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like

  • SuperSix Delta
    October 1, 2020

    I saw one of these here in Sydney Australia about five years ago. They are a good looking car and very quiet as they float by.

  • Kali
    October 3, 2020

    The guy was literal when he said you can fit a body in the trunk lol

  • bboy relaps
    October 5, 2020

    …"newspapers" (wipes nose_.,)…SFz

  • Dimitrios Demetriou
    October 6, 2020

    why is it that everyone that reviews the century doesn't take their shoes off before putting their legs through the hole in the passenger seat.. it is disgusting.

  • Brian Powell
    October 11, 2020

    1985 ltdII

  • Jerry Craig
    October 13, 2020

    Mr Leno, it's a luxury car!!!

  • GuninGames
    October 15, 2020

    what some people don't know, is this car had a Toyota built V12, i'm not kidding

  • Rick Wood Jr
    October 23, 2020

    Love Cool Cars, Saw an upscale Black 4 door Toyota ( thought it was a Crown )
    Directly from Japan, on special license plate”s
    in front of the New York Auto Show, it was Cool

  • paper toys
    October 25, 2020

    Leno: "good-size trunk"

    The other guy: "yeah, big enough trunk to put somebody in…"

  • Adam Busby
    October 26, 2020

    if Jay has one, I might just pull the trigger on me getting a "better" 1998 V12 version.. easy bought in Australia $15k on the road…

  • Chrysler should license this car from Toyota and call it an Imperial.

  • Kimmy Gibbler
    November 14, 2020


    Please like so they can see this.

  • Paula Zemeckis
    November 21, 2020

    Chris is HOT!

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