The 2010 Audi R8 V10 Is the Bargain-Priced Everyday Supercar

SIGN UP FOR TURO! 2010 Audi R8 V10 is a supercar that you can use every day — and a supercar that won’t cost a fortune. Today I’m reviewing the 2010 Audi R8 V10 to show you why the R8 V10 is such a special, usable, everyday supercar.FOLLOW ME! Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – CHART:


  1. Aluminum frame is prone to cracks ! Totals out the car !!

  2. When my mom was looking for a new car we went to and Audi dealer and they had a fully exposed carbon fiber one for sale and it was really cool. It’s was 200k

  3. I'm an Audi guy and I prefer the R8 to a Gallardo. And let's be honest: Lamborghini is a really popular brand (kinda like apple) and that's why many people prefer it. OK, it does have the performance as well but there are also some better brands!!!

  4. My choice is made.

  5. I make 22k annually, why am I here and how did I get here?

  6. I like it, but idk if it's much better than a corvette. BUT I would totally get this over a vette simply because there's so many vette's out now. If you want to stand out, and have a v10, this is the way to go. I see one locally for 80k which is much more affordable than a lot of supercars.

  7. OK i'm sold man this is my new dreamcar. I really like this thing and i'm pretty sure Tony Stark drove something like this. Definitely getting the convertible. I have about 20k saved up, only 60k to go LMAO

  8. My dreamcar would be the convertible v10 model, but with some sort of glass display for the engine like on the coupe. That would be perfection.

  9. Yeah, $80k is a bargain.

  10. Wow, Bra. Someone can rent this in SanFrancisco ? Aren't you worried it'l get stolen ? I'm sure the Black lives matter ppl don't give a shit !! however me being a TT owner am concerned about it. Do you have 911 stored in your phone ?

  11. I'd prefer a dodge charger srt hell cat to this. 😄

  12. Like how I'm contemplating getting this car and I haven't even bought a house yet


    yuyu di cek channel gue, trimakasih

  14. Why is there a kid's face underneath the side of the hood at 3:00

  15. My 2008 a4 had underseat storage like that too

  16. Doug the type og guy to check the left and right when driving on a green light

  17. The best looking R8 to me is the R8 RWD.

  18. Doug is the kind of guy to give two model years of the same car a doug score.

  19. He has mannerisms like Barney

    The purple one


  20. Half of 130 is 85, confirmed by dOuG dEmIRo

  21. Shall I get this or the Lamborghini?

  22. For the price someone's gonna want you could get a brand new c8 and smoke this thing

  23. It was made the year I was born

  24. So what’s year R8 switched to the double clutch?

  25. 🤣 that’s funny cuz my dentist actually does drive a Porsche 911 😂

  26. Now that he made this video it's no longer a bargain

  27. Can anyone give more details on R8 issues? How expensive are break pads and wheels? Of course maintenance will be more expensive, but how often will the costs be? And how hard will they break the bank?

  28. Ah, shieet goddamn 7:13 D:

  29. oh yeah sure. an audi that's reliable and that you can daily drive…

  30. I just watched a video that featured 2 dudes having explosive diarrhea driving one of these


  31. Looks like Audi took the front of one car and shoved it into the back of another one

  32. I wonder how tall this guy is.

  33. Thanks for this detailed video. I just bought a 2011 R8 V10 with 5500 miles and it’s exactly as you described in this video. Absolutely love it!!

  34. my 2006 GTI had a dual clutch. How does this not have one?

  35. So for a 100 grand you could get a great example and have it serviced/detailed and daily drive this thing.

    I’d take this over any newer $100k car I think

  36. I actually love this way more than the Gallardo which, I don't really like at all. Gallardo still has oldskool basic lines.

    The 2010 R8 V10 is simply Legendary. They've messed up the grille with the newer ones

  37. When you add a spacer in the body of your car so you can fit the engine in front of the rear axle

  38. 5:39 that’s what she said 😏

  39. The guy that given info on the car his voice is driving me nuts. I've had to watch another video.

  40. excuse me doug, i'm a dentist and i couldn't stop laughing when you said "The Porsche your dentist drives" because its so true!!! as a dentist i'm looking at this car instead of a porsche. Goodjob doug keep up the good work!

  41. Your voice is so annoying “

  42. 9:01 "It's Jerky and it's slow." Idk man that doesn't sound all that bad, sometimes slow jerky is good jerky.

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