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Top Gear — The Perfect Road Trip 2 | Behind the Scenes & Outtakes |

Top Gear — The Perfect Road Trip 2 | Behind the Scenes & Outtakes |

The never seen before, unreleased BEHIND THE SCENE and bloopers + outtakes + funny moments of Top Gear: Perfect Road Trip 2!

Top Gear hosts Richard Hammond (short) and Jeremy Clarkson (tall) — captures the show’s hosts as they take an epic journey through southern Europe.

As for this year’s road trip, both OrangUtan and Hamster will once again hit the Riviera in search of fast cars and fun times.The dynamic duo take to the streets in everything from a million-dollar McLaren P1 to a classic Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider to ’80s-chic Ford Capris.

The all-conquering Corvette Stingray also takes on Alfa Romeo’s pint-sized 4C supercar, in a contest on the track.

As with all “Top Gear” undertakings, comedy is must. Not only does Richard Hammond take a spill in a $100,000 Jaguar F-Type Coupe on what looks to be Italy’s Mugello race track — he also fails to successfully order spaghetti bolognese in a restaurant!


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