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  • goksu goksay
    November 4, 2018


  • Rajhans Chavan
    November 4, 2018


  • balsara 675
    November 4, 2018

    On this auspicious festival, may your life:
    Shimmer with Silver;
    Shine with Gold;
    And dazzle like Platinum!
    Happy Dhanteras!

  • Bikini Bandit
    November 4, 2018

    But, does it come in black?!?

  • sky innocent
    November 4, 2018


  • Suna
    November 4, 2018

    I like tye bike accept the red frame bike is bad as and that red frame ruin it all. Is any one know will be different colour options 😏

  • John Wayne
    November 5, 2018

    Um is it me or did they make it ugly again? They painted the main frame Red which is what I wanted to see. I love the XDiavel.

    November 5, 2018

    So what's the difference between this one and the x- diavel ???
    Is the x- diavel discontinued ??

  • obie sario
    November 5, 2018


  • Zaheer Kader
    November 5, 2018

    Looks so good

  • sebxx
    November 5, 2018

    Barely 2s of exhaust sound??!
    Cut the music

  • baba yaga
    November 6, 2018

    Cool cruiser

  • Avneesh Singh Tomar
    November 7, 2018

    Not a fan of Panigale series but Diavel is really a Devil 😈 😘💕

  • Ljubo Rajic
    November 8, 2018

    Really Cool!

  • StompingJacklope
    November 8, 2018

    Anyone knows the song?

  • Bikini Bandit
    November 9, 2018

    At a first glance I thought: great, they haven't changed it too much….
    But at a closer look, you see things that make me rethink if I really want to buy this bike…
    (Btw I am/was the biggest Diavel fan and have been planning to purchase the new model when it comes out… Now, I’m not so sure about it!)

    Well, the devil is in the details!!!

    I really don't understand why red trellis frame, why gold Öhlins fork, why such a weird windscreen (and gap between the headlight), why not dedicated head-light itself, why stupid alcantara-touring-seat and why no seat-cover (for the passenger's spot), and why ohh why such a boring rim (if you compare it to the XDiavel S)…

    First gen was somewhat groundbreaking, second gen was a masterpiece, this time around it's kind of meh… It doesn't have that visceral, raw, muscular, industrial and therefore aggressive, menacing and at the same time mysterious look…
    It could also have (at leaste as an option) machined engine (like the XDiavel S). Even backlights aren’t as aggressive as they used to be and even boring black plastic around them is moreso boring /sad looking…

    I really hope that Ducati will make a proper configurator on their website and at authorized dealers with color options for almost every part of the bike and with proper rim choices,
    Because this right now is sad, just sad…

    And lastly, the name itself Diavel 1260 is extremely lame! I know it’s the engine size but still… It’s fine for Multistrada but this deserves something way cooler like 1270 or 1290 (has a much better ring to it!)

  • Massimiliano Benvenuti
    November 9, 2018

    Non è una sportiva,non è una viaggiatrice,non è urban….sappiamo solo che cosa non è…

  • Bikini Bandit
    November 9, 2018

    I just want pure Diavel DARK S version
    with waaaay more exciting rims and normal leather seat with perforations and with a seat-cover (for the passenger's spot)!
    And then we have a deal…

  • Pertamax7
    November 10, 2018

    nice sir

  • gfellmer
    November 13, 2018

    I test rode a 2018 Diavel (not S) last week and kept it in Touring mode. The motorcycle is beyond impressive. After the ride, I declined to test the XDiavel, and instead informed my man Aaron at Newport Beach Ducati (California, USA) that I will be putting a deposit down on the new 2019 Diavel S. So, I did. And now? I wait until Ducati starts releasing them, which is likely March in the US (nothing official yet).

  • CycleCruza
    November 14, 2018

    Basically, it's the same as the XDiavel I had with the 1262cc L-Twin. Sick bike.

  • Carlos Maestro
    November 15, 2018

    Come to Brazil Diavel! Please! PLEASE!, i will be Waiting to buy!

  • Impractical theory
    November 23, 2018

    I just said Wow.🙏

  • stephenmwyatt2
    November 24, 2018

    engine gets too hot. Center sets are cool but forward sets are super-gay

    December 15, 2018


  • deadxeno 8
    February 7, 2019

    What song is this?

  • z4k
    February 22, 2019

    I want.

  • Hafeersha Hafi
    March 11, 2019

    Avery one has a dream of ducati like me .my dream
    I wish that was me in the ducati . May god bless me for a ducati. when i see a Ducati i feel that it is a cheeta .may my wish come true before my death

  • HolbergEM
    March 12, 2019

    Italians are great with their design visions. This people knows a thing or two about the concept of beauty. Viva Italia!

  • FukeU1248
    March 17, 2019

    Is this an Italian take on a Harley with Piaggio + Fiat money? I love Italian passion but not warranties. Valentino Rossi drove a Yamaha, I have to many Italian bikes.

  • OtolitoAventura
    April 5, 2019


  • Mustafa hamed
    April 27, 2019

    I want to kill who ever said " I want to buy a scooter"

  • Abid Latki
    June 10, 2019
    July 15, 2019

    Can someone please tell me what this background music is ???
    Been searching it for long now….

  • MotoIoT
    September 20, 2019

    Is it a cruiser or a street bike?

  • Ducati NYC Vlog
    December 1, 2019

    Some shots look VERY reminiscent of the intro I did for my channel a few years ago. Hmmmmmm.

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