The 2019 Audi Q8 Is the Coolest Audi SUV

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS http://carsandbids.comTHANKS TO AUDI SOUTH COAST! 2019 Audi Q8 is the cool new Audi SUV. Today I’m reviewing the Audi Q8 to show you why the new Q8 is worth considering if you’re looking for a new luxury SUV.FOLLOW ME! Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – CHART:


  1. Thanks for the reviews…i just bought this same spec q8 and loving it!!!

  2. One of the features you missed on this car is the “Audi HD Matrix headlights”. And extremely Technologically advanced illumination system.

  3. Look at these calibers Doug

  4. I drive one right now and it is pretty boring. Definitely for someone that wants to blend in.


  6. 20:13 – "I really hope they do a really high performance version…"
    Audi – "Hold my beer…"

  7. this is the perfect suv for me

  8. The audi q8 criticized my car in 1355 ways

  9. I like the cars but ur corny asf most people just wanna see the cars u remind me of a 7th grade history teacher that nobody likes

  10. I thought it was a hybrid, but nice suv

  11. It's annoying at this point to grade Doug say the back passengers don't have the option to unlock the doors. Firstly you can unlock doors from the behind, if you pull the latch once and pulling it twice opens the door. I think audi does it coz usually kids sit in the back seat and im sure you wouldnt want a kid to just press a button and open the door instead of figuring that you gotta pull it twice.

  12. I’m gonna show my Nissan Sentra this video

  13. No one noticed the long scratch on his neck and arm?

  14. Im 20 exactly next month i Work for Super Loo tbh i think my job is the shittest im everywhere in around Nz South Auckland. Everytime i see this Mighty Truck maaan 20 years later or even 7 years Solid

  15. If I cant afford a Lamborghini urus, ill just get a q8… wait.. i cant afford either lol

  16. he doesn't consider an SUV to be a car?

  17. You have did a good job on this video

  18. Literally none of the cars Doug reviews fit my lifestyle, maybe except for the 765lt, 992 turbo S and Lamborghini svj, 488 pista, f90 M5 and the Bentley continental GT

  19. It's like Audi combined the Porsche cayanne and lamborghini suv together

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