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Your Email: Cheap gas can be a gamble with your car

Gas stations that aren’t well maintained can be introducing soil and water into your car’s engine. Brian Cooley explains how to tell what you’re really putting in your tank. Read more on this from Cooley –

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  • MassReport
    January 15, 2019

    I bought gas from Wal-mart once… never again. I burned through that gas 50-100% faster than any other gas I used.

  • Jason Lurf
    January 16, 2019

    2:02 man look at that pulling in…

    2:07 No, not you, get out of the way! I want to see the Station Wagon naked, damn it!

  • Ghast Unity
    January 17, 2019

    Cooley IS my Co-Pilot 👌🏻

  • PeppersOnChili
    January 31, 2019

    Fake news

  • Dave Farley
    February 28, 2019

    Not going to make a bit of difference if your gas has 10% ethanol in it…

  • Nick Phillips
    March 19, 2019

    Even though it was 30 years ago, across the street from where I worked was a fuel distribution center, on a daily basis, I saw trucks with different gas brand names all loading from the same storage tanks… In other words, it was the same gasoline being distributed to various gas stations spread throughout the region

  • Anthony Badger
    March 21, 2019

    Born and raised in SF currently living in Oakland. I really like all of the local shots that i recognize in your videos.

  • Mr5 Stars
    March 23, 2019

    Always informative and entertaining, thank you , great job. Helpful if the local town weights and measurements enforcement agency provided a local gas station quality grading system.

  • Craig Quann
    March 23, 2019

    The gas is supplied by 1 refinery per geographical location. That supplies all/most stations regardless of brand. The depots mix the additives per customer (stations/brand requirements) as it's being loaded on the tanker truck to deliver to whatever station. In my area imperial oil (esso) has the main location and pipeline to supply both shell depot, valaro depot and their own. Some fuel does get shipped by rail but most by pipe. Imperial oil then supplies gas to shell, Canadian tire, costco, esso and a few other smaller brands. The only difference is the additives. (Generally)

  • Dennis Bonnett
    March 24, 2019

    The quick the pipeline terminal (refinery truck loading rack) can deliver branded or unbranded gasoline .. The difference and how that it's done is the basic gasoline is the same but with branded gas usually near the loading rack there is a smaller tank ( or Tanks) containing each companies own package of fuel additives and this is added to each companies branded gasolines the cheap no name gasolines usually don't get these additives added to the gasoline

  • Frank Kwok
    March 25, 2019

    Interesting! From now on, I would just go to the gas station convenience for the fill up. Soon, I will replace my current fleet to electric. Say bye bye to my local gas station. 🦅🦅🇺🇸

  • Brian Waller
    March 25, 2019

    When I make a road trip and I see a arco selling gas at 3.30 a gallon vs shell at 4.59. Sorry I'm going to arco 100/100 times.

  • raven50x
    March 25, 2019

    How about cheap electricity?

  • Isaac Lang
    March 27, 2019

    I stopped buying gas at Certified years ago because it kept gumming up my carburetors. I also won't buy gas at Walmart for lack of performance. It just isn't high quality compared to brand name.

  • Peppe Ddu
    March 27, 2019

    If you see the big refueling truck at the gas station wait at least 24 hours before filling up there. Wait for the sediments and dirt stirred up by the new fuel to settle down at the bottom of the tank.

  • Scypheroth
    March 27, 2019

    come move to Canada and say this…thanks to our fucking doochbag of a Prime Minister we now have a carbon tax and that has made gas prices SOAR 10c more a liter…thank god its a voting year so the ppl can vote this POS Trudoh out of office…and hopefully get rid of this carbon tax

  • Ruben P
    March 28, 2019

    Where does one go to get this cheap gasoline?

  • Tom Hardware
    March 29, 2019

    Gas comes from liberals and feminatzis.

  • Tom Hardware
    March 29, 2019

    Give me a plate full of broccoli I can give you a months worth of gas.

  • Luis Montoya
    April 3, 2019

    So buying gas for cheap at dinoco is ok?

  • v.v.v.v jojo
    April 14, 2019

    Why not go all electric or hybrid?

  • Trevor Kemp
    April 15, 2019

    Believe it or not there are still quite a few gas stations out there that do find refineries that so gas that does not meet standards meaning no detergent packages meaning it will make the engine in your vehicle dirty the you pump it for example if your in the state of Colorado sells gas like this where it has very little detergent compared to if you went to a show or BP gas station to buy gas meaning that the lower detergent fuel will cause your engine to get dirty faster And in some cases really good high quality fuel such as shell V power or B p's premium grade fuel that has extra detergent in it over their regular grade fuel will actually slowly clean your engine over time Where you save money on gas in some cases you will be spending the extra money on fuel additives to help clean the carbon deposits off of your engine's internals Cheap no name gas could very well mean dirty engine need to use fuel additives all the time good high quality brand name gas crude mean it will actually clean your engine without having to use additives.

  • NFL YoungBoy
    May 4, 2019

    Is falcon fuel only in Chicago in the hoods?

  • crazyhorse
    September 30, 2019

    Exxon is the best it has octane not ethanol !!!!!

  • jake michael
    December 6, 2019

    why do sum states not have 93-94 gas? and have 91 insted? all so when did the USA switch from ron to mon+ron/2 octane?

  • 792bnz
    October 29, 2020

    If doesn't throw a code then you should be good

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