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2018 AUDI Q7 50TDI QUATTRO climbing the Tatra mountains (Galaxy blue, performance wheels etc)

2018 AUDI Q7 50TDI QUATTRO climbing the Tatra mountains (Galaxy blue, performance wheels etc)

We took the 2018 Audi Q7 50TDI quattro, to a beautiful mountain top at the Tatra mountains in Poland, and shot this video for you guys. Enjoy! Check also out the page, where you can also download lots of unique photos of this car, and download them in high quality for your wallpapers. More info: (click here)

Car: 2018 Audi Q7 50 TDI (3.0 TDI) quattro (286hp, V6 turbo diesel)
Performance: 0-100kmh/62mph: 6.01sec (tesed), 6.1 sec (official), Top Speed: 234km/h
Color: Galaxy blue metallic
Location: Zakopane, Poland
Camera & lens: Canon Eos 5D Mark IV / 24-70 mm
Thanks to: Audi Poland

Music: ”Legend” by Gavriell



  • Lorakovaty
    January 19, 2019

    I'm waiting for new models this year 🙂

  • Best car.

  • Sąsiad
    January 19, 2019

    Dlaczego nie ma takiej deski rozdzielczej a6 i a7 tylko są jakieś panele z ekranami!!!!!!!!?????

  • Boris Radulovic
    January 19, 2019

    Someone needs to put that V10 from R8+ in this beast, so we can have a proper monster with 600+ HP.
    Why should Porshe and Lambo be only to have monster SUVs?

  • Zxcv Vbnm
    January 19, 2019

    Nice video 👌🏼 Q7 its a real beast

  • Qixc
    January 19, 2019

    I drove once the Audi Q7 3.0 TDI 2017 model from Sixt.
    It's Very nice car to make some roadtrips towards the swiss/austrian alps.
    Where was the location you guys made the video? Looks amazing.

  • Rijad Golos
    January 19, 2019

    Love the car, still has more road presence than Q8 imo

  • Irineu Moreno Junior
    January 19, 2019

    Música chata. Coloca mais motor. não um pouco só no fim. E acaba com essas músicas ultrapassadas

  • Amadej Pesko
    January 19, 2019

    Nice video. Perfect enviroment for Audi.😄🤘

  • The interior is simply amazing.

  • Filip Leszczyński
    January 19, 2019

    Greeting from Poland 😀
    Thank you for this video

  • White
    January 20, 2019

    Kolejny genialny film, ale przydałoby się 4k 😛

  • Chaevnicher
    January 20, 2019

    а7 в кузове универсала с кабиной от а5. почему?

  • yasser watad
    January 20, 2019

    It's very slow

  • ddah Mohamed sidi
    January 20, 2019


  • Naxie
    January 21, 2019

    Awesome vid.
    You should be more famous!!
    Loving the stunning decor

  • thobile mkize
    April 17, 2019

    zero to 100 in 8 seconds

  • Sofiane ORAN DZ 31
    May 1, 2019

    King of Enterior 🔥🇩🇪 IS AUDI

  • hikarikus
    July 18, 2019

    What is the exact location? Place is awesome!

  • Yahiaoui Senouci
    March 16, 2020

    climbing mountains . . .
    i dont think SO

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