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BMW M5 Competition vs AMG E 63 S – 360° DRAG & ROLLING RACE


It’s time for an M5 vs E 63 S rematch! Last time out the E 63 S took the win just ahead of the regular M5, but how will it fair when going up against the M5 Competition pack?! The M5 Competition has a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8, while the E 63 S is packing 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 – but does it have what it takes to make it two from two? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!

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  • Uma Maheswari
    March 19, 2019

    Loved it , please put every vedio same like this

  • Chuck Towers
    March 19, 2019


  • RSfandude
    March 19, 2019

    That M5 looks like the M3, M2 and any other BMW car, boring af

  • M3 Power V 10
    March 19, 2019

    M Power 💙💪

  • kamordoi dingloit
    March 19, 2019

    land cruiser 2019 pls!

  • Rendani N
    March 19, 2019

    So old Merc is still quicker that New BMW Mmmm

  • Joel Moura
    March 19, 2019

    Eternal rivals ❤

  • Techno Led
    March 19, 2019

    Tesla model s P100D 😀 😀 😀

  • donmckee90
    March 19, 2019

    Sad part for BMW Fanboys is that no one is going to wait for you to set up your launch control. The E63 will be having competition snacks in the streets.

  • grizzlybear117
    March 19, 2019

    Say whatever you want, but it’s a fact that people who can afford this cars would always go for the Mercedes, who the fuck spends so much money for a BMW? Your beamer “supercar” is a M4 with a tuned engine and a big wing on the back, and it costs twice the price of a regular one. Not to mention BMW can’t even compete with mercedes in the luxury market too, the 7 series is nowhere near an S class.

  • Md Wasim Ansari
    March 19, 2019

    In the whole video I scroll over the screen to enjoy the 360° video feature but according to me it is just shit destroy the video quality.

  • Tadas Simasevicius
    March 19, 2019

    Bring rs6 for sexier look, cos both look ugly

  • ivan barrama
    March 19, 2019

    Watch my video Bmw M5 competition doing 10.8s 1/4 mile with an audi r8

  • ivan barrama
    March 19, 2019

    Watch my video Bmw M5 competition doing 10.8s 1/4 mile with an audi r8

  • Aldin Bajric
    March 19, 2019

    I'll take RS7 over either one of those

  • Strohhalm 13
    March 19, 2019

    M5 💪😍

  • Ali
    March 19, 2019

    1 second won't make you late

  • adrian
    March 19, 2019

    You will never have a perfect roll race as the cars aren't perfectly aligned with each other.
    In this case the Merc is a bit ahead of the BMW and a quicker reaction to the pedal from the driver. After that is just same pace all the way.
    Both amaizing cars comes down to taste.
    For me it has to be the BMW always the driver orientated car and not many cars handle as good as a M.

  • Shibe Inu
    March 19, 2019

    And now we have the AMG GT 63 S which beats the M5 Competition 🙂

  • ThatOneChannel
    March 19, 2019

    still e63

  • Tricmi Tricmiii
    March 20, 2019


    March 20, 2019

    BMW junk

  • Michael Makgatho
    March 20, 2019

    Can u please race a45 and audi s3

  • DeadlyDeal
    March 20, 2019


  • Haozhi Li
    March 20, 2019

    my computer was just roaring when playing this 360-degree video.

  • thai kothox
    March 20, 2019

    bmw harga cepat susut

  • D Wilkerson
    March 21, 2019

    Gt 4 door vs M5 comp…lol we know who wins that

  • Erencan996
    March 21, 2019

    You guys have to compare the gt 63s and the m5

  • drdj69
    March 22, 2019

    In the rolling the mercedes looks like its ahead already. Wtf carwow?

  • mg.
    March 22, 2019

    Chiron vs tesla roadster

  • Autolist Canada
    March 23, 2019

    How about a drag race between all the plug-in hybrids (no full electrics), and include this one:

  • Luke P
    March 23, 2019


  • Asraf Bal
    March 23, 2019


  • W 201 Turbo 3.2 24V
    March 23, 2019

    E63AMG 😍😍😍💪💪💪💪
    Fuck new M5 Competition 🖕🖕🖕

  • Clarence Gramula
    March 23, 2019

    How do you make 360 degree video.It my first time seing this

  • Christopher Gresco
    March 24, 2019

    The 360 video is awesome!!!

  • Денис
    March 24, 2019

    if the Mercedes driver counted to 3, then the M5 would be faster

  • Very bad

  • Deku〰
    April 14, 2019

    Can bmw owner cry 360 degree ?

  • Chris Anderson
    May 4, 2019

    Next video:Porsche Panamera Turbo S vs BMW M5 competition

  • Daniel Cooper
    May 8, 2019

    tbh mercedes in a rolling race is always going to be a beast, even if you look at some lower (c/e 220) when they hit the pedal at 70 or 120kph the car just flies straight away

  • Soundz Dr.papaya
    June 17, 2019


  • Иван Петров
    June 28, 2019

    Водитель бмв дибил конченный, м5 компетишн разрывает е63s как минимум 3-4 корпуса

  • Bero Krass
    July 13, 2019

    In rolling race merc started first for maybe 0.2 sec thats why looks faster, but bmw is catching up,and I'ts too short drag race thats why merc win in rolling,, if drag were longer bmw will win because its faster

  • HiddenWen
    November 14, 2019

    Different strokes for different folks. Both are amazing cars. I would buy both if I could afford it.

  • Eseon Bet-son
    November 23, 2019

    M5 competition is power

  • MILKA 007
    December 15, 2019

    BMW For Ever

  • Mehdiuniversal
    January 13, 2020

    For all you bmw fans ,its thanks to mercedes you can drive a car and drive a bmw so RESPECT THE BENZ 😉

  • Mzwandile Harmans
    January 31, 2020

    I hate this 360 deg thing

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