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Fake AMG G63 and the other worst Chinese copycat cars!

Did you know in China you can buy a G-Class for only $40,000?! Well, you can as long as you’re happy with it not being an actual Mercedes! The Chinese are famous for making copycat cars of popular European models, but which do you think looks the best?! Join Mat at the Shanghai Auto Show as he takes you on a tour of what’s real, and what’s not!

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  • Roberto buitrago
    October 4, 2020

    在我們國家,我們需要更多的帶減速器的車輛,將扭矩乘以6:1(低或低),不一定是4×4,減速器對於進入傾斜,傾斜和傾斜的私人和公共道路非常必要(例如在Pereira,麥德林,波哥大-玻利瓦爾城,通哈-巴里奧•聖拉薩羅)將變速箱整合到他們的4×2車輛中是很棒的,如果他們帶來的變速箱能夠輕鬆適應我國已經在滾動的車輛,那麼應該有非常慢的變速箱,其五而低等價於一流。車輛可以像農用拖拉機一樣具有高,低和超低範圍。 低,低或Reductora是什麼?它是根據槓桿原理可隨意激活或停用的一組齒輪,其扭矩成倍增加,可以爬坡,緩慢而安全地下降,承受更大的負荷,無需發動機即可在低速下操縱關掉。低音將力乘以真實力,即扭矩。 雙變速箱NO,NO,NO,NO,NO是必不可少的,擁有大馬力的發動機不是必需的,TORQUE必須在不損壞發動機的情況下爬上非常陡峭的斜坡,這是一個慢速減速器它可以做的比排量更大的發動機還要多,每輛變速箱車輛或自動變速箱都應降低轉速,以補償變矩器造成的扭矩損失。啟用和停用減速器的控件應位於變速桿上。發動機制動也非常必要,節流制動也非常有用。 降低安全性的原因是,這樣的露營者很重,很高,不穩定,在瀝青上行駛非常緩慢,有時帶有非常大且污染嚴重的發動機,非常硬的減震器,非常沉重的輪胎,低處使得其攀爬更安全由於不會返回,因此可以將其關閉,然後再在其上開始。 差速鎖在4×2和4×4中也非常有用。 (閂鎖或鎖止)儘管扭曲式差速器也是一個不錯的選擇,但車輛應將低音直接帶入盒子以減輕重量。低音可以增加車輛的重量,最多可以增加50KG,但是它的好處非常明顯。而且,製造商和經銷商會更好地銷售更好的車輛。 應該有一個用於在斜坡上啟動的控制桿,即:向後,剎車,向前釋放剎車,向右加速,向左減速,以便可以完全控制的方式釋放制動和加速,也可以加速制動器製動的電動機。 變速箱應能夠鬆開並向後滑動以更換碟片,並且離合器壓機不得降低,變速箱殼體或差速器應位於一側(殼體)ll ====()= ll。 更好的汽車易於維修,不需要太多不同的鑰匙,杯子或提取器。 如果您帶上渦輪增壓器,那麼它應該能夠完全手動激活和停用,並帶上自動模式,因此在某些情況下能夠停用可以節省大量燃油。扭矩比馬力重要,在許多情況下,更大的馬力意味著更多的消耗,因為速度並非總是需要那麼多的馬力,因此在上坡時,扭矩可以通過上述齒輪倍增。一些因其強大的功能而廣受讚譽的型號確實具有較低的馬力,但可以提供很大的牽引力。它們應該帶來更長的最後一個檔位,以及更大的主齒輪和更小的副齒輪,因為這樣做的目的不是損壞發動機。試圖高速行駛時過度旋轉。應向購買者提供維修手冊或車輛維修手冊,以便在緊急情況下需要將車輛帶到未經授權的維修廠與未經授權的技工共享。 有非常非常非常聰明的人可以為您的建議和改進思想提供很多幫助,對於製造商來說,了解許多客戶的需求和利潤是非常有利的,兩個人思考的想法不只一,四個大腦認為不止兩個……一輛新車一定要比價值相同的二手車好,一部iphone的價值要比一部便宜的電話要高出10倍,它應該要好10倍甚至更多倍,它應該賣出更多用戶真正需要的東西,飛機製造商根據航空公司的要求建造飛機,我們希望齒輪箱的速度非常慢。真正的多面手:差速鎖,6:1慢速減速,高,並應從低轉速提供動力。

  • Alfin Roby
    October 5, 2020

    5:04 the front looks like Toyota innova

  • Shit car.

  • Maybe Germany will have to copy Chinese one day in the future .

  • Naka Marlone
    October 6, 2020

    That car will never come to africa

  • poor guy
    October 7, 2020

    China copy cat😂 you should change your country name Chiba😂😂

  • Markus Alfons Helber
    October 8, 2020

    you should look better about copycat. Mercedes-Daimler has about 20% shares at BAIC carfactory as well thy build the

  • Alfio Bylyku
    October 8, 2020

    Even the Mercedes has fake exhaust tail pipes haha😅

  • al- Mahdi
    October 10, 2020

    China Pat you bro……???

  • al- Mahdi
    October 10, 2020

    Brilliance and wey in China bro……???

  • RevEx Logic Tuning
    October 10, 2020

    I was wondering why most of the youtubers published only specifically on china's copycat cars but not worldwide copycat cars just like for an example maybe the Aurus Senat perhaps also categories as a copycat car to Rolls Royce too….

    But after all, this BYD brand really pops up a lot of possibilities names about this brand name in my mind where BYD if we think or have some negative perception towards this BYD name it may lead to Borrow/Bully/Border/Budget/Booming/Blasting/beyond Your Dream instead of Build Your Dream…

  • Tony Allenden
    October 10, 2020

    I told my wife I was going out to get a BMW, got home to tell her I got a BJ instead

  • Jason Ash
    October 12, 2020

    Well all I'll say is Chinese have no style,or creativity with their current technology they could create their own designs instead they just copy paste the following cars hahaha no respect from me get your own style

  • 王青峰
    October 12, 2020

    It's not Fake AMG G63, Beijing motors shares some technology with Benz, they are joint venture company in China, and has more than 70 years history, BJ80 can driving in Tibet, Benz AMG probably not, i like this car. many young people in China buy this car, to Tibet, to Xinjiang, to desert to mountainous areas.

  • Pagan Min
    October 12, 2020

    China is against the whole world, i dont know when people will realize it

  • ROVIL obligacion
    October 13, 2020

    China is stronger than uk

  • Muhammad Najmi Murindo
    October 14, 2020

    Please make a full review of Chinese Copycat cars , I’m so interested although I hate them

  • Thomas Kuchiki
    October 14, 2020

    Haha, china is renowned to make trash and all shit in this planet!. All their product is cheap because they not pay a copyright royalty at all!. Then their product become so fucking cheap!. AND they're is TOTALLY fucking THIEF!!!. They destroy other countries for the sake of enriching themselves. Look at the countries in ASEAN. They are devastated by Chinese companies mining without paying attention to environmental aspects. bribing very stupid local officials. It is ironic and terrible that China is enjoying rapid economic growth but other countries are suffering from disease and its people are poisoned. This is a new kind of colonialism. That is the reality that is happening on this planet!. How terrible we live as humans.

    I don't mean racism and spreading hatred, but it is the truth!!! and I'm not Donald Trump supported.!!!
    Greetings from Japan.

  • Christian Black
    October 15, 2020

    Can they create anything on there own without copying everything we do lol

    October 16, 2020

    5:12 the chinese looking at Mat

    "WTF is he talking about Audi Q5"


  • Minju Lee
    October 16, 2020

    I personally hate when China does that, but I guess you gotta fake it till you make it

  • wenjie fan
    October 17, 2020

    LMAO, I found that he works so hard to prove any similarity between those Chinese cars with other cars, but when it comes to non-Chinese brand, he will say they are similar but different, so good design. Btw, does Airbus copy from Boeing, cuz majority external parts are same and highly similar.

  • Sti 04
    October 17, 2020

    At 5:12 minutes 🤣look at the dude in the back his like stop talking 💩 on our 💩

  • Rui M
    October 17, 2020

    BYD’s leading designers are Wolfgang Egger,former designer for Audi,Michele Paganetti,former designer for Mercedes Benz,and JuanMa López,former designer for Ferrari.Blame them if you think their cars are too similar to some European cars.But maybe they hired them because they wanted their cars to be similar to those big names.

    And BAIC is the factory who's making cars for Mercedes Benz in China,you think they would make that BJ80 without Merc's approval?But BAIC's reputation in China is not really good though,I won't consider any of their product under their own badge.

  • Taysi Kuu
    October 17, 2020


  • ConFall
    October 19, 2020

    Hey look, it's Benefactor Dubsta

  • F Sul
    October 21, 2020

    Chinese car wow: kah wah with Mao Wasan reviewing the new Land Wind

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