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  • Pedrosvaldo Penha
    May 14, 2019

    360? Never !!!!

  • Fudge
    May 14, 2019

    I wish i could see the track more than the driver

  • Just a Person
    May 14, 2019

    Rocket ❤️

  • Ivan Toshkov
    May 14, 2019

    My bicycle is Bugatti ❗

  • KRL_시비피 [CBP]
    May 14, 2019

    Koenigsegg: Hold my beer.

  • Stephen Bachman
    May 14, 2019

    Do you think. Maybe. Just maybe. With all the millions off dollars you make. You could off used a camera that wasn't pointing out the drivers side window.

  • Ram Avatar
    May 14, 2019

    i am mad about bugatti

  • zak mns
    May 14, 2019

    Very bad point of view we don't car about the driver we want to see how fast it goes and the road in front

  • Lucas Arthurs
    May 14, 2019

    Driving an amazing car at what i'd assume is an amazing track, yet makes the camera face the driver, rather than the view out front. Why?

  • BOB LEponge
    May 15, 2019

    Le rêve ultime j en perds mon latin tellement elle est majestueuse 😍

  • Eric Roy
    May 15, 2019

    Chiron sport?

  • Elena_
    May 15, 2019

    Masterpiece 😍🔥

  • Mr. Macarron
    May 15, 2019

    The Divo is maybe better on circuit for the turns no ? 🤔

    May 15, 2019

    Shit compared to Koenigsegg

  • حمد المري
    May 15, 2019


  • João V
    May 15, 2019

    The pilot is handsome and all that but i came for the track.

  • Heavy weight

    May 16, 2019

    I thought it was an accident by seeking the title of the video😅

  • Tosj 02
    May 17, 2019

    Would have been interesting to see what sort of speed Koenigsegg can achieve on Paul Ricard's 'Mistral' straight.

  • 🇫🇷

  • Mat3427_ s
    May 18, 2019

    My biggest dream is to work at bugatti or have a bugatti☺😀

  • Robin
    May 23, 2019

    3.000.000$ for a car but not enough money for a fluent Rev Counter?

    Can't look at this for more than ten seconds, why can't you just install one with 60fp/s??

  • mahmood bayat
    May 23, 2019

    What are you doing in my car?? 😭😭

  • Joshua Mcbride
    May 24, 2019

    Hi Bugatti love the vid but I've known you guys as the revolutionary car brand that breaks boundaries and one of the reasons I loved you guys was that I could brag my favorite car was the fastest car in the world but you guys now just gave up on that. I'm starting to lose faith in you guys

  • MonacoPoker
    May 24, 2019

    This car is yelling "I have money !!!"

  • Ashok Rajkumar
    May 27, 2019

    what was timing

  • Andre S.
    May 28, 2019

    I Love the Roar of that W16 Engine

  • Rui Marques
    May 29, 2019

    Even though it does great on the track, it's like a leon in captivity, dreaming of the savannah…i mean, the autobahn.

  • What can I do to have a free car?

  • Turbo Jockel
    June 2, 2019

    Next time Nordschleife please.

  • Captain Zoll
    July 9, 2019

    Ettore Bugatti famously called the bentleys of his time "the world's fastest trucks"
    and yet modern bugattis weigh around 2 tonnes…

  • Carlos Jon
    July 11, 2019

    Iam a Lamborghini fanboy but i love bugatti and i just dream it to have one in someday but that never happen because iam not rich and I’m also cant get a Lamborghini and just enjoy the cars in the video games 😊

  • Brandon G
    July 19, 2019

    Shits pretty bland for the Bugatti channel. Lol

  • Nathan NF
    July 28, 2019

    When Chiron top speed run? When Chiron Nurburgring lap!? So hyped for it!!

  • cosmin grigore
    August 4, 2019

    We want 0 500

  • marcos silva
    August 17, 2019

    Enfia o pé nesse carro porra, tá desfilando!!!!!! Kkkkkkkkk

  • Augusto O.R
    August 17, 2019

    Aeronautical speeds down the straight

  • Zero to Fifty
    August 19, 2019

    If only this was like EB110. New bugattis are too heavy too feel good.

  • Sukrut Bhushan
    August 30, 2019

    Very poor camera work.. disappointing

  • vandan Lata
    August 30, 2019

    The Bugatti car is very luxury and fastest car in the world it's an hyper car

  • Jacob Sanchez
    August 31, 2019

    I love bugatti ihate koenigsegg and lamborgini

  • MahaVakyas
    September 2, 2019

    congrats on hitting 304.77 mph in the Chiron "Super" Sport.

  • Bugattl chiron 500KM ?

  • I have

  • José Ospina
    April 19, 2020

    That steering wheel costs more than my house, my car and bike together

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