All new Flying Spur: interior | Bentley Motors

Both sports sedan and luxury limousine, Bentley’s new Flying Spur pushes the boundaries of both technology and craftsmanship: as exemplified within the exquisite cabin by the introduction of an automotive world-first: three-dimensional textured leather upholstery.


  1. Looks good! Can’t wait to see the whole car! 🔥🔥

  2. Kept waiting for this

  3. Wtf was this. Unsubed🙃🖕🏾

  4. Shows nothing, provides no information. Teasers are fine, but at least tease SOMETHING…this makes me think that the new Flying Spur is going to be a badge-engineered Panamera based on the shape of the door panel. Bentley marketing needs to step up its game.

  5. Stop this short worthless videos , i saw nothing

  6. Whhhoah EXP10/6 panels. This means F/Spur will >>> Continental. 
    Thank you, don't continue on the subsequent Mulsanne -that will close down the auto industry.

  7. Can’t wait to pre order mine

  8. The link is a waist of time! Instead of rewarding those who go there with something further than the video provides, they have a FORM for you to fill in!

    VERY poor marketing

  9. Тиснение от Bentley и сразу слюни потекли дбл ))

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